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Sarafan Inquisitors, sometimes known as Sarafan Spell Casters or Sarafan Mages, were a Sarafan variant enemy class that were encountered by Kain in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. They were notable for their use of magic to defend themselves and enhance their allies, which made them dangerous foes. They were seen predominantly in Kain's early chapters at the Sarafan Stronghold and the Pillars.


Sarafan Inquisitors were the spell casters of the Sarafan faction, encountered by Kain in Nosgoth's early history at the start of Defiance. The inquisitors had a uniform which consisted of metallic armor with yellow clothing underneath and they had their heads covered with the same cloth.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance/5][Defiance strategy guide]

They were armed with wrist mounted blades that they could use in close combat - however their preferred tactic was to remain at a distance and utilise several magic attacks, including Holy Projectiles (a "mortar like burst" ranged attack) and Radial Blast. Sarafan Inquisitors also frequently used their magic to enhance their allies using three spells: Heal, Amplify Damage and Berserk Shield - for this reason they were the highest priority in combat and should be targeted before the other Sarafan enemy classes.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance/5][Defiance strategy guide]

The inquisitors were first encountered in the third chapter of Defiance Pursue Moebius as Kain explored the Sarafan Stronghold of Nosgoth in Nosgoth's early history and were encountered again in the fifth chapter Reveal the Guardian Citadel as Kain explored the The Pillars in the same era.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance/5][Defiance strategy guide]


Like other spell-casters the abilities of the Sarafan Inquisitors are notably used to empower and buff allies - giving other Sarafan units more potency and arguably making themselves a higher priority in combat. Spells used to power-up other Sarafan allies include:

The Inquisitors also have some defensive abilities of their own, but these are rarely referred to in the same way as the ally buffs.


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" For Defiance we added Aikido style pants and color coding for the Sarafan.
It supposed to be a few years after SR2, so I evolved the armor from Roman to Crusader style armor"
―Daniel Cabuco[3]


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