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Sarafan Archers[1][2] were a female enemy class seen in Blood Omen 2 . They were first seen in Chapter 6: The Industrial Quarter and were later featured in the Canyons and the Wharves, they were often teamed with other Sarafan troops to take advantage of their ranged Fire Arrow attack[Blood Omen 2].


Sarafan Archers were scantily clad, and wore a black 'hood' with the Sarafan symbol on the back. They were first seen guarding the entrance to the Industrial Quarter in Chapter 6 and were one of Kain's major enemies in that chapter. They were typically armed with a Long Sword and a crossbow, allowing them to shoot fire arrows at Kain from a distance, or attack with their sword when he came closer. They were much more agile than any of the other Sarafan troops and had a spinning Unblockable attack[Blood Omen 2].


  • The Sarafan Archers are seen with a ranged attack, however, like most of the ranged weapons in the series, their crossbows cannot generally be picked up or used by Kain[Blood Omen 2] (with the exception of the prop weapons in the Seer's Cottage[3])
  • In early chapters Prima's Blood Omen 2 Guide mistakenly calls Thieves "Sarafan Archers"[4] (a situation which possibly arose from having already mis-labelled Thugs as "Thieves"[5]); this is corrected in later chapters. Confirming this, when Archers finally appear, they are given the debug code "archer" or simply "arch", compared to the "thif" (thief) code associated with earlier enemies[Blood Omen 2].
  • Concept art of the Sarafan Archers appears to show them in a slightly different colored outfit and bearing a sword and a Sarafan symbol shield in a location resembling the Canyons. No such shield is used by the archers in the final game, although a Sarafan symbol is present on the back of their headdress. Despite not appearing in the level proper, the archers do make an appearance in the final custcene of the Canyons chapter Wild Places as the Sarafan Lord attacks the Seer's cottage.[Blood Omen 2][Blood Omen 2/7]


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