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The Sarafan Keep is a playable location in Meridian , seen in Blood Omen 2. House of my Enemy (chapter) takes place in the Sarafan Keep.


The Sarafan Keep was a dominating walled fortress overlooking Meridian,[1] it was presumably the headquarters of the Sarafan and the home of the Sarafan Lord . The Keep was first seen in the opening video to Blood Omen 2 where Kain's army is shown to meet the Sarafan Order just outside of the walls of the Keep.[1] With the battle lost, Kain was knocked off a cliff to his apparent demise[Blood Omen 2].

Two centuries later, shortly after Kain's revival, the CabalVampire Umah was captured in the Industrial Quarter by Sarafan guards, who took her to the Sarafan Keep for imprisonment and execution.[2] This necessitated Kain travelling to the Upper City to learn of the secret entrance to the heavily guarded Sarafan Keep from the Bishop of Meridian.[3][4][5]

Kain entered the Keep[6][7] through the servants quarters and made his way through the opulent and luxurious Sarafan Keep, he was briefly stopped by a female Cabal Contact who demanded the death of nobleman Artemis, before he was given access to the upper levels of the Keep[8] to find Umah,imprisoned behind Ward gates on the roof.[9][10] Breaking her out he was confronted by the (Soul Reaver wielding) Sarafan Lord, but before Kain could be harmed, Umah teleported them to Sanctuary.[11]


The Sarafan Keep on the opening map of Meridian

  • Maps[1] show the Sarafan Keep as backing onto the cliffs that surround Meridian, possibly slightly raised so it overlooked the rest of the city. Given its appearance in the opening video (which is known to be inaccurate in some respects), it is possible that the Keep has been standing for at least two centuries, though it is unknown what the status of Meridian itself would have been at this time. The map seen in the opening video, appears to use the Sarafan Keep and its walls to represent Meridian as a whole,[1] perhaps indicating the Sarafan Keep as the beginning of Meridian, given later maps it appears that the initial battlefield between Kain's army and the Sarafan Order may have been the peninsula that became the Lower /Upper City areas.[1]

The Sarafan Keep over-looking Meridian

  • The Sarafan Keep is lavishly decorated, with a number of large icons and murals; The Sarafan Symbol is once again prominently displayed on floors, walls and on lamps (so the symbol is 'projected' onto nearby walls), there are also two new variants of the symbol one a double (reflected at the top) sarafan symbol, the other a large golden icon with a fire and a 'red eye' design in the crutch of the symbol. Interesting murals include a design on Kain's defeat by the Sarafan Lord (seen in the opening video), impaled vampires (wearing costumes similar to Kain's 'One Shoulder' attire, and the Sarafan Lord (armed with the Soul Reaver and using a Lightning attack) apparently taking revenge on the remains of the Vampire army. There is also another mural which may hint at theElder wars, with two (apparently Human ) figures holding up a Sarafan symbol and impaling a third winged creature with their spears (the mural is however, partially obscured - it may just be a bunch of feathers)[Blood Omen 2].

The congregated Sarafan troops gather outside the Sarafan Keep at the Battle of Meridian

  • The Sarafan Keep has a number of interesting rooms; there are several basement areas (which are apparently frequently breached by Thieves ) and a battalion of Sarafan Guards has set up bunks here; there is a swimming pool/cistern (which contains a number of suspicous skeletal remains); A Dungeon/Prison (that has only two Chained Human prisoners); Dining/Banquet Rooms; Offices and quarters (for nobles and servants). The towers, both contain four 'boiling oil' cauldrons suspended over the stairs, and a nearby 'armoury' has two giant crossbows set up. Much of the highest levels contain references to astronomy; there are several images which appear to show drawings of a solar system (though like the Moon in Blood Omen 2, these may simply be copied from real-world Icon-Wikipedia.pngPtolemaic systems ), the room in which Umah is held also seems to be used as an observatory, with prominent Sun (embedded with the Sarafan Symbol) and Moon symbols and a large telescope[Blood Omen 2].
  • The Sarafan Keep houses some bat-life on the lower levels. Lower levels also demonstrate the Sarafan Keep may not be run on Glyph Magic like much of Meridan, but instead seems to use a type of geo-thermal energy; extracting hot rocks from beneath Nosgoth's crust[Blood Omen 2].


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