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Ruined City is a ubiquitous musical track which first appeared in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, composed by Kurt Harland. The piece is considered to be Dumah's representative theme.

In the game, it is played throughout the Ash Village/Ruined City area. It also features as the credits theme, and was included on the Soul Reaver 2 Promotional Soundtrack, as well as the game disc.


Ruined City is played all throughout the eponymous area, and typically begins playing as soon as Raziel enters the Dumahim fortress via the double doors after flying into the courtyard (at which point the Elder God explains the fate of the Dumahim to Raziel). A remix of the theme is played at the very end of the game after the battle with Kain at the Chronoplast, during the credits sequence.[Soul Reaver]


At least sixteen official mixes of Ruined City are known to exist:

  • Ten possible variations of the song play in the Ruined City: a standard version, along with four additional mixes for various circumstances: suspenseful, puzzle, danger and combat. There are a further two possible variations of each, depending on whether Raziel is in the Material or Spectral Realm. Finally, there are a further two prototype versions of the Spectral and Spectral Combat themes from betas.[Soul Reaver][1]
  • Two quick-tempoed versions played during Raziel's interactions with Dumah and the subsequent boss battle, dubbed "Dumah Battle" and "Dumah Encounter".[Soul Reaver][1]
  • The shortened version played during the credits.[Soul Reaver]
  • It features unknown chants and when asked, Kurt Harland specified it was a "crowd" sound.[2]

"Ruined City chant"
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