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The Robert Chang tests refer to a Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver test room textured and lit by artist Robert Chang for Crystal Dynamics. The room was not included in the final game.


Chang uploaded images of the test room to his portfolio website circa November 7, 2003, under the description "Soul Reaver (test)- Textures/lighting."[1]

The page hosting the images had the heading "Soul Reaver (PC - 2 tests I did for Crystal Dynamics)", and grouped them under "Test 1" and "Test 2." Some of them were texture maps, while others showed the sets of textures mapped to the room, rendered in 3D Studio Max.[1][2][3]

Chang was not credited in Soul Reaver, and the room did not appear in the game.

One of the texture maps, "kain_top," featured the spiral symbol of the Spirit Glyph, prompting speculation that the unused room may have represented the cut Spirit Glyph Altar.[4] Both the Spirit Glyph Altar and the Spirit Forge appeared in the Soul Reaver alphas uncovered in 2020, ultimately showing that Chang's designs were not being used for the forges in the game.


The two test rooms both feature a main altar with a lowered middle floor and a statue guarding a coffin. There coffins could have possibly contained an unknown glyph which Raziel had to activate by uncertain means. The statue sitting on a throne appears to have glowing red eyes and the whole room is tinted in blueish green, possibly hinting to be in the spectral realm setup for that shot. This room is also adorned throughout with what appears to be a spirit glyph symbol. The second room has two angels worshipping a third figure, there are also several statues along the walls and demonic imagery on the arches.



  • The appearance of the Robert Chang test rooms seems to bear some influence from the Spirit forges of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. The rooms also bear many of the hallmarks of the later Glyph Shrines and Reaver forges seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and its prototypes - this perhaps suggests that the test rooms were the progenitors of the later forges and shrines and were themselves inspired by the Spirit forges.

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