"It seemed my method of entering the physical realm was not altogether original. But where had these beings come from?"

Revenants were a creature class encountered in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. They were skeletal corpses that had been animated and possessed by powerful hylden who used the corpses to cross from the Demon Realm into the Material Realm. Revenants were a common enemy of Raziel in Defiance and could be seen in a variety of different types through the title.


Classes and Sub-groupsEdit

Revenants came in a number of different varieties and types - generally separated around the race of the corpse being possessed:

  • Human revenants - the weakest of the Revenant classes with a Hylden soul possessing a human corpse - generally found in areas with human corpses. Two varieties could be observed with a more decayed and less decayed variants
  • Vampire revenants - the mid range Revenant class with a Hylden soul possessing a ancient vampire corpse.
  • Hylden revenants - the strongest of the Revenant classes with a Hylden soul achieving resonance by possessing an ancient Hylden corpse.



The Vampires' ancient enemies, banished into another dimension by the Pillars' sorcery, have devised other means to influence events within Nosgoth. As the Pillars decay, the Binding weakens – the membrane between the dimensions grows thin, enabling these entities to possess both human hosts and the moldering flesh of corpses. They may enter the physical world in this form, rising from the grave to assail Kain and Raziel.
―The Eidos Interactive website[Square Enix website]
Revenants were once normal corpses that have been possessed by disconnected Hylden souls. Usually these appear in the old and ruined places of Nosgoth where ancient corpses lie buried from forgotten battles. However, there are few places in Nosgoth free from conflict at one point or another. As with all Hylden possession, the Revenants eyes glow a sickly shade of green. They fight with aggressive abandon with the very rusted and broken weapons that failed to protect them in life.
Legacy of Kain: Defiance: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[Defiance strategy guide]


Revenants are likely based on the Revenants of European folklore.

  • Raziel meets several different types of Revenant in-game, but only refers to them once, after their first meeting.
  • Prima's Defiance Guide further divides the Revenants into 3 'groups' - the Human Revenant, Vampire Revenant and Hylden Revenant - named according to which species corpses they have possessed. The guide also mentions another closely related grouping "Possessed" enemies, consisting of two other types - The Possessed - who are still living, but possessed hosts; and The Transformed - who are living hosts that have been used up by the possession and whose Flesh has been transformed by it. (Similar to Mortanius' transformation at the end of Blood Omen )
  • All three Revenant classes can be found wielding a particular style of jagged blade. Behind-the-scenes it is likely to be a reused asset - however in universe the use of the jagged blade on corpses from different time periods and different species would tend to suggest that it had somehow been brought through from the Demon Realm by the Hylden



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