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This entry regards the fifth level of Defiance ; for entries in the Dark Chronicle, see Dark Chronicle (term)

Chapter 5: Reveal the Guardian Citadel, also known as Chapter 5: Kain - The Pillars, was the fifth level of Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It followed Kain's journey to the Pillars of Nosgoth to uncover the mystery Moebius had claimed was "west of the Pillars", leading to Kain uncovering the Vampire Citadel.


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Dialogue: The Pillars of Nosgoth[]

[Kain arrives at the Pillars.]
Kain (V. O.): How strange to see this place long before my birth... centuries before the corruption set in that would poison the land, and put me on the treacherous path I still followed. In the future, these edifices would be condemned to darkness and decay. I would cause their fall, and build my empire upon their ruins. Was it still possible that with the right knowledge, the right moves, I might one day see Nosgoth restored, the Pillars pure once more? My answer – according to Moebius – lay somewhere to the west of this place. I could restore the world, perhaps. But never again could I give Nosgoth back her innocence.
[Kain arrives at the dead-end that currently lies west of the Pillars.]
Kain (V. O.): My path ended here, offering only this empty vista. Was this another of Moebius's little jokes? ...or a puzzle for which I had not yet found the answer?
[There is a stone etching near the dead end:]
Kain (V. O.): This symbol seemed familiar. Perhaps I needed to recover another fragment of the Balance emblem before I could proceed.
[Kain acquires the second Reaver Enhancement.]
Kain (V. O.): Another fragment of the Balance Emblem, this one endowed with the properties of Dimension. Perhaps this would reveal the mystery that lay west of the Pillars... if Moebius spoke the truth, and there was indeed something there to find.
[Using the second shard of the Balance Emblem, Kain is able to open the path to, and reveal, the Guardian Citadel.]
Kain (V. O.): The mists that shrouded this lake miraculously now cleared away, revealing an ancient citadel. So Moebius had not lied. Or perhaps this was simply another of the Time Streamer's illusions, meant to slow my true endeavor.


  • In this Chapter, Kain can collect 1 Health talisman, 1Telekinesis Rune and 1 Arcane tomes. Kain can also collect theDimension Reaver enhancement and the Quest Item the Stone Disc.
  • Enemies in this level include the returning Sarafan Zealot, Sarafan Crusader, Sarafan Archers, Sarafan Inquisitors andLesser Shades, alongside the debuting Sarafan Templar.
  • Kain has the main objectives "Explore west of the Pillars clearing", "Solve the mystery of the western vista" and "Depart for the ancient Citadel" and the minor objectives "Search for the missing Emblem fragment", "Return to vista with Dimension Emblem" and "Use bat form to travel". The Prima Guide identifies the main objective (and chapter title) as "Reveal the Guardian Citadel" and lists the other objectives as "Acquire the Dimension Reaver", "Reach the Citadel Vista".
  • Prima's Defiance Guide lists the rooms in this chapter as "Connector with Stronghold Upper Tower", "Pillars Clearing", "Entrance to the Guardian Citadel Vista", "Guardian Citadel Vista point" and "Cemetery Vista point".
  • At the Cemetery vista point there is a large sculpture of a face, the sculpture is decorated with Soul spirals and has features which resemble wings; much of this level features angelic imagery and statues.
  • The entrances to the Air and Fire Forge can be seen at the Guardian Citadel Vista point and Cemetery Vista point respectively

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