"Invoking this spell cloaks me under a protective aegis. Whatever spell is cast at me will be reflected back at the caster, leaving me unharmed. It will only last for a short time, however, before leaving me vulnerable once more."

Repel was a Spell used by Kain in Blood Omen .

Kain gained this spell in Coorhagen . When used, this spell created a magical shell around Kain. Until it wore off, he was protected against all enemy attacks, including all types of projectile, effectively making it a kind of temporary 'invincibility'.


  • It is unknown if this ability relates to the similar 'shields' used in later games; such as those used by Kain in the opening video of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 against Raziel; In Defiance as a regular combat ability of Kain used along with his Telekinesis and later by Raziel when he gains Enhanced TK after he absorbs the soul of his brother Turel. It is unknown if the energy shields shown in Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance are of telekinetic or magical composition; but they appear to be much shorter lived than repel.

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