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Raziel striking the reaver charge stone

Reaver Charge Stones were mysterious "arcane stones" seen in Defiance atop gold plinths, they allowed Raziel to build up his Reaver charge without killing enemies, instead the Reaver charge grew as Raziel struck the large coloured stone.

Reaver Charge Stones were first seen in the Cemetery in Raziel's early chapters of Defiance, where Raziel's progress was halted by two guardian gargoyles that prevented him passing through. Raziel was able to bypass the guardian gargoyles, by striking a nearby Reaver Charge Stone and building up his Reaver charge, enabling him to utilise the 'Invisibility' Reaver Spell of the Dark Reaver and sneak past the guardian gargoyles 'unseen'. Throughout the rest of Raziel's quest in Defiance, Reaver Charge Stones were seen in a similar manner (usually allied to guardian gargoyles which required the Dark Reaver's Reaver Spell to bypass).


Defiance-Model-Object-Charge stone.png

The origin of the Reaver Charge Stones is not explained in game though as they seem to be connected to the Dark Reaver and the guardian gargoyles, an Ancient Vampire origin is probable.

Reaver Charge Stones could be distracting when enemies were nearby, as the stone would also be targeted; though causing the player to miss the enemy (and likely take damage) it also increased their Reaver charge, enabling enemies to be dispatched quicker with a Reaver Spell.