A push room

The Push and Test Rooms were a series of testing rooms found in earlier versions of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, each used for testing specific functions of the game.


The test rooms can still be accessed in the Debug menus of earlier version of Soul Reaver where they are split into two groups - test rooms are listed under "Riley's Test Area" and are titled as "Test 1" to "Test 30" - whereas push rooms are listed under "Push" and are titled as "Push 1" to "Push 10". Each room set is broadly the same, with small variations in content and characters/enemies/NPCs present according to what was being tested.

Known Rooms

  • Test Rooms - generally a rectangular room with raised 'terraces' along each side and a single alcove in one wall.
    • Riley's Test Area
    • More Areas
      • Push
        • Push 1
        • Push 2
        • Push 3
        • Push 4
        • Push 5
        • Push 6
        • Push 7
        • Push 8
        • Push 9
        • Push 10


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