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This entry regards the third level of Defiance ; for entries in the Dark Chronicle, see Dark Chronicle (term)

Chapter 3: Pursue Moebius, also known as Chapter 3: Kain - Sarafan Stronghold (Ascent), was the third level of Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It followed Kain in his continuing pursuit of Moebius through the Sarafan Stronghold.


Chapter 3 continued Kain's story from Chapter 1, with Kain having met Moebius in his chamber in the catacombs beneath the Sarafan Stronghold. Despite Moebius 'gaining the upper hand' and attempting to stop Kain, Kain resolved to continue to hunt the Time Streamer through the stronghold.

Fighting his way back through the Stronghold, Kain was able to sneak up upon and threaten a 'Sarafan Guard' into revealing Moebius' location in the tower. Using the Falcon Insignia that he had discovered in Moebius' Chamber, and restoring a statue of Sarafan commander Malek, Kain was able to unlock stairways to the upper levels of the stronghold. Approaching the tower, Kain discovered another part of the Balance Emblem, the Flame Fragment, which enhanced The Reaver with the elemental flame and also added a degree of pyrokinesis to his telekinesis. Taking advantage of these enhancements, Kain was able to open a passage to the upper level of the tower, where Kain found and confronted Moebius, this time stripping Moebius' staff away and ensuring conversation took place "on a somewhat different footing". Debating Raziel's location and true nature, Moebius directed Kain "west of the Pillars of Nosgoth."


Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[]

[Approaching the door through which Moebius exited, Kain discovers an emblem embedded in its surface.]
Kain (V. O.): This artifact seemed as though it was made for that unusual lock. Now the door could be opened.
[Approaching the statue of Malek in the courtyard:]
Kain (V. O.): (snidely)
Malek, the great Sarafan warrior. I had met him before. His sword and shield seemed to have gone astray.
[Kain approaches a portcullis – on the other side, a Sarafan guard stands with his back to the gate. Misting silently through the portcullis, Kain grabs the guard from behind – his arm around the guard's throat, and his head over the guard's shoulder. The soldier gasps and freezes as Kain questions him in hypnotic intimacy.]
Kain (V. O.): Tell me – where can I find your master?
[The Sarafan guard struggles and whimpers in terror.]
Kain (V. O.): Quickly – Moebius is – ?
Sarafan Guard: ...in the tower...
[The guard raises a shaking hand to indicate the tower visible just beyond the battlements.]
Kain (V. O.): Good.
[Kain breaks the guard's neck and lets the body fall.]
[Kain comes across two other statues of Malek, one holding a shield, the other a sword.]
Kain (V. O.): Malek's missing shield. I hated to restore his dignity, but I would need to return this to his monument before I could progress.
Kain (V. O.): Malek's sword belonged in his right hand. However distasteful this errand was, I would return it to its proper place.
Kain (V. O.): The way to the tower now lay open before me. I looked forward to finding Moebius, and resuming our conversation.
[Kain acquires another Reaver-enhancing artifact.]
Kain (V. O.): Curious. This artifact, joined with the relic I discovered earlier, appeared to be but one fragment of a larger emblem. This shard was endowed with elemental Fire, enhancing both the Reaver and my telekinetic powers.

Dark Chronicle: Kain settles the score[]

[Kain pauses at the tower door and leans in to it, as though listening – or sensing – to see if Moebius is inside. Satisfied, he steps back and kicks the door in. He's chosen not to have the Reaver drawn this time.]
Moebius: Here you are at last. I see you found a fragment of the Balance Emblem. This will be of even further use to you – if you can find the other three. Now, shall we – ?
[Kain uses his telekinetic powers to rip the staff from Moebius's hand and send it flying harmlessly into a corner of the room. Moebius doesn't look especially surprised.]
Kain: Yes. Let us continue our conversation –
[With another gesture, he fluidly lifts Moebius telekinetically off his feet, "holding" him by the throat.]
Kain: – but on a somewhat different footing. Now, what do you have to tell me, Moebius?
Moebius: (a little strangled)
You cannot kill me. We both know that this is not how – or when – I die.
Kain: Death is not the only possible outcome.
[Kain flexes his hand slightly, and Moebius's body contorts in pain.]
Moebius: Your delusions of fulfilling the Vampires' foolish prophecies have badly distorted your judgment. And Raziel is not what you think.
Kain: You dare imagine what I think?
[Still using telekinesis, Kain throws Moebius roughly against the wall.]
Moebius: So you prevented Raziel's soul from entering the Reaver. Do you believe for a moment that by this you have averted your fate? Or his? Or that of Nosgoth itself? Your manipulations are pathetic.
Kain: Yet Raziel retains his free will. And that's what frightens you, isn't it, Moebius. You cannot see his path, and so you cannot control it.
Moebius: And neither can you. Yes, Raziel is shrouded from us, but we see the ripples of his potential actions. And every path he might choose leads to the same outcome: he will kill you, Kain. In sparing Raziel, you have written your own death sentence.
[Kain gives Moebius a final shove against the floor for good measure, and releases him.]
Kain: You still have not answered the question I came to ask – where is Raziel?
[Moebius regains his footing, and rubs his throat.]
Moebius: He is not, in a true sense, here. Not now.
Kain: Don't try my patience, Moebius. What have you done with him?
Moebius: He is contained. In time, it may be safe to release him. His destiny must be completed – he will enter the sword. But until that time he is dangerous – far more dangerous than you could understand.
Kain: And your incontrovertible evidence?
Moebius: The answers are plain if you know where to look. Go west of the Pillars – there you will find a testament written in stone.
[Moebius vanishes.]
Kain (V. O.): But stones, too, can lie.

Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[]

[Kain goes out onto the balcony. The Pillar vista is before him.]
Kain (V. O.): The Pillars of Nosgoth stood pristine against the horizon. To the west I would find the enlightenment Moebius felt I lacked.


  • In this Chapter, Kain can collect 3 Health talismans, 2Telekinetic runes and 2 Arcane tomes, he can also collect the second fragment of the Balance Emblem - The Flame fragment; which enables the 'Flame Reaver' enhancement, allowing Kain to light fire sconces and use fire attacks upon enemies. Kain also finds and uses his first Quest items; the Falcon Insignia, Malek's Shield, Malek's Sword and the Decorative Sword (the first three of which had already been foreshadowed in Chapter 1). At the end of the Chapter, Kain will use his first Bat Flight launch point.
  • Enemies and NPC's enocuntered in this level include the returning Chained Humans, Sarafan Crusader, Sarafan Archers and Lesser Shades, along with the debuting Sarafan Zealots and the spell-casting Sarafan Inquisitors (distinct from Soul Reaver 2's Sarafan commanders). ). Some of the enemies are encountered as 'corpses' or otherwise effected by previous (sometimes unseen) events - with any of the 'Arrow Turrets' that Kain has previously destroyed remaining empty as well as 'used' Chained Humans; Kain also finds the dungeon area filled with Crusader corpses, presumably due to attack by Shades (who now inhabit the room).
  • Kain has the main objective "Pursue Moebius", "Pursue Moebius to the tower", "Depart for the Pillars" and the minor objectives "Take the Falcon Insignia", "Use Falcon Insignia on Sealed Door", "Find Malek's missing shield", "Return the shield to Malek's statue", "Recover Malek's missing sword", "Return the sword to Malek's statue", "Seek out Moebius in the tower", "Find the Decorative Sword", "Return sword to emblem door", "Find the Flame Emblem", "Proceed to the tower", "Ascend the Tower" and "Use bat form to travel". The Prima Guide identifies the Main objective (and chapter title) as "Pursue Moebius" and lists the other objectives as "Collect the Falcon Crest", "Use the Falcon Insignia on the sealed door", "Find Malek's Shield", "Return Malek's Shield", "Find Malek's Sword", "Find the Decorative Sword", "Find the Flame Emblem" and "Ascend the Tower".
  • Prima's Defiance Guide labels the rooms in this Chapter as "Moebius' Chamber", "Connector", "Dungeon", "Dungeon Passage", "Sanctuary" (SR2's Sarafan Cathedral), "Sanctuary Entrance", "Cloister" (SR2's Courtyard), "Small Drawbridge", "Training Area", "Small Battlements", "Chapter House" (SR2's Sarafan Memorial Chapel), "Chapter House Entrance", "Relic Room", "Gate House 1", "Bridge/Gate House 2", "Lower Tower" and "Upper Tower" . Some minor rooms which Kain has passed through in Chapter 1 are omitted.
  • Being based in the Sarafan Stronghold, this level heavily features Sarafan symbols and designs, including several statues of Sarafan warriors (some carved into the masonry of the fortress) as well as the mysterious Lovecraft's Diary script. Several areas contain large amounts of Water, suggesting that some of the fortress may be built over the Great Southern Lake or it's tributaries.
  • On the outside of the Bridge and Gatehouse area, above the entrance to 'Gatehouse 2' there is a mural of a dragon - presumably this is related to the nearby Flame fragment of the Balance Emblem.
  • Kain is also able to properly investigate the Chambers where he meets Moebius (Moebius' Chamber and the Upper Tower respectively).
    • The Upper Tower seems rather lavishly decorated compared to the rest of the Stronghold and contains seven thrones (presumably for the seven Sarafan commanders). The floor of the room also contains a large symbol similar to that of the Dark Reaver and there are also several 'snake' symbols in the room.
    • Moebius' Chamber meanwhile reveals several links to the Elder God and the Spectral Realm, with several 'eye' motifs (including one embedded in an hourglass symbol on a half-submerged block - used by Moebius to communicate to the Elder God in Chapter 1). There are also several fossils, Soul Spiral symbols and Wheel of Fate symbols (some of which seem to be used as 'altars', with Human skeletons laid out upon them) in the room; with these symbols seen previously in Chapter 2 with Raziel. There is also a curious larger spiral symbol in the middle of the room, somewhat reminiscent of some Spectral puzzles in previous Soul Reaver games.


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