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The Princess of Willendorf is a minor character in Blood Omen, she is seen briefly in Willendorf.


The Princess of Willendorf, was the daughter of Ottmar, King of Willendorf. As a present for her birthday, the King arranged a dollmaking contest, with the winner gaining a royal favour. The contest was won by the doll of Elzevir the Dollmaker, who asked only for a lock of the princess' hair as payment. Shortly afterward, Elzevir used the princess' hair to steal the girls' soul and fuse it to a doll of his own; Dollmaker'sDoll. With her soul stolen, the Princess fell into a coma and Ottmar sent his army to scour the land for Elzevir, leaving Willendorf defenceless against the Legions of the Nemesis. Ottmar offered his kingdom to anyone that could restore his daughter.

Kain first heard of the condition of the princess when he visited The Oracle (actually Moebius) in the Oracle's Cave, but it wasn't until after his visit to Avernus that he understood the wider implications of the princess' plight and journeyed to Willendorf. There he met Ottmar and his daughter and set off to theLake of Lost Souls to hunt down Elzevir. When Kain arrived at Elzevir the Dollmaker he was easily able to dispatch the Dollmaker and claim Elzevir's Doll. When Kain returned the doll to Willendorf, Ottmar's sorcerers were able to restore the princess. Instead of taking Ottmar's offer, Kain instead asked that Ottmar used his Army of the Last Hope against the Legions of the Nemesis in the Battle of the Last Stand.



The Princess is seen only briefly in Blood Omen; she is only seen from the neck up, she is never named and her age is not discussed, though many see Elzevir's last words and Kain's reluctance to comment on the old man's intentions to be evidence of the princess' youth. The princess' mother (presumably 'The Queen') is conspicuous by her absence.

The events surrounding the princess are notoriously difficult to match up with the events of the Second (and further) timelines; as with no Nemesis to defeat, Kain has no motivation to restore the princess soul. Amy Hennig has suggested that the events surrounding the princess still occur in later timelines but they are not significant to later games.

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