The Possessed were a enemy class encountered in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Part of the Possessed sub-grouping, the Possessed were created by Hylden souls originating in the Demon Realm entering the Material Realm through Possession of a living human - enabling them to take over control and enhance the strength of the subject. The creation of these enemies required living humans so they were usually seen in areas with frequent human activity like the Pillars and Avernus Cathedral.


The Possessed were the most basic enemies of the Possessed sub-class of enemies encountered in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Like all members of the Possessed sub-class, they were created when a Hylden soul crossed over from the Demon Realm into the Material Realm and Possessed a living human.[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide]

A Sorceress succumbs to possession

The Possessed were first seen in the chapter Find the Location of Vorador's Mansion where one of the class was shown to possess a Vampire Hunter Sorceress. Thereafter the Possessed were able to take control of human classes throughout the rest of the game and and could attack without warning and bolster the strength of the classes. When possessed enemy troops were known to abandon their weapons and regular attacks and instead attack using 'claw swipes' and jump attacks.[Defiance][Defiance/6][Defiance strategy guide]

In terms of appearance, the Possessed appeared to be identical to the humans they had possessed save for the distinctive green glowing eyes indicative of Hylden possession.[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide]


possible early Possessed/Revenants design in Blood Omen 2 concepts

  • The Possessed are notably one of the few classes that can trigger an allegiance system among fellow enemies - when a Possessed human emerges from a regular enemy, the accompanying enemies will often attack it and treat it with hostility leading to infighting among groups.[Defiance][Defiance/6]
  • The Possessed are one of the only classes in Legacy of Kain: Defiance to lack their own character model - using possession of other enemies means they essentially uses the character models of other classes with only the green glowing eyes typical of Hylden possession marking them out.[Defiance]
  • Blood Omen 2 concepts posted by Blood Omen 2 developer Steve Ross appear to show five different Hylden castes planned for that title, where only two appeared in the final game. One caste depicts a skeletal figure emerging from a portal and could suggest an early design that eventually became the Defiance Possessed and Revenants.[5]


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