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"Kain refused the sacrifice. The Pillar of Balance, corrupted to its core, stands as a monument to his blind ambition.
Now these pillars serve only to bind me here – my prison and eternal home, thanks to the avarice of your master, Kain..."
―Ariel — Listen (file info)[src]


Design and Layout[]



The Pillars area appears somewhat different in the Soul Reaver alphas and some kind of texture progression is seen through the builds: with the room starting off as a set of broken and unfinished textures and finishing in more familiar arabian inspired designs with clan symbols. The throne setup changes with successive builds starting as carved into a 'lump' that raises the dais ring, being placed over the ring and finally gaining its own spiked backing. The domed ceiling notably contains several small stained glass windows decorated with clan symbols, but these are replaced by plain windows in later builds - these windows are removed by the time of beta versions.

Interestingly the pillars feature some prototype symbols in early builds, that become jumbled in later alphas. One of the beta builds has the pillars all sporting the symbol of the human citadel before the concept of redesigned symbols was abandoned entirely and they were left as coloured bands until Soul Reaver 2 – some of the symbols did see some use however –many were used on early Soul Reaver 2 promotional images and the proto mind symbol can be seen in the human citadel in an area notably appearing to require the use of Possession.

The latest alpha build features several banners with the tag 'Long Live Kain' which were replaced by clan banners in beta builds. Ultimately there is no Kain battle in the Sanctuary at this time so the Soul Reaver must be activated manually – which automatically gifts the force projectile as well. Additionally no alpha build contains the climbing wall needed to progress.



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