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Peasants, also known as Villagers,[1] were a type of Non-Player Character featured in Blood Omen 2 .


Peasants were the "regular denizens of Nosgoth"[2] and were the lowest class ofhuman encountered by Kain in Meridian. They were little more than "fodder"[2] - providing Kain with a supply of Blood at little risk in early chapters of Blood Omen 2.[1] Peasants came in either gender and were dressed in a variety of rags. They could be found throughout the lower areas of Meridian such as the Slums, Smuggler's Den,The Lower City and were even occasionally seen in the Upper City;Peasants would also later be seen in the Wharves and several were taken as Slaves to the Hylden City[Blood Omen 2]. The Peasants NPC class could be extremely talkative and their conversations could reveal a great deal about Sarafan Meridian[2][Blood Omen 2].


  • Peasants are named as such on the Humans Page of the Official Blood Omen 2 site and script references[3] while Debug information labels the Peasant NPC's as "psnt" (though a single slave-class NPC in the Hylden City also has the tag). Despite this the Prima Guide labels them as "Villagers"[1] alongside the generic '"human" tag.
  • Peasants in Blood Omen 2 generally came in four varieties; Female Peasants wore a long coat and hat and had a variant where a dress was visible beneath a shorter jacket, whilst Male Peasants could come either 'capped' or with a bare, balding head[Blood Omen 2]. Peasants were ultimately dressed in a variety of rags to symbolize the ruthless nature of the Sarafan Lord's dictatorial rule.[4]
  • Peasants character-types later appear alongside Slaves in the Hylden City, perhaps indicative of Slaves who had recently been brought to the Hylden City from Meridian[Blood Omen 2].


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