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"Rejoice in the turning of the Wheel..."
―Time Guardian[src]

The original Time Guardian belonged to the race of the Ancient Vampires and was fought by Raziel in the Earth Forge together with the original Energy Guardian. His name was unknown and only his wraith form was encountered. Raziel absorbed the Guardian's soul (and that of the original Energy Guardian) into the wraith-blade, imbuing it with Elemental Earth.


He was dressed in crimson garbs with a large, red crown on his head. His visage reflected long dwelling within the Spectral Realm as a wraith after he died.


As Raziel approached the Soul Conduit the Time Guardian and Energy Guardian appeared. During the battle the Guardian altered the flow of time. Either quickening, to increase the two Guardians speed, or decreasing, to slow Raziel to a crawl. From a distance he launched telekinetic energy that could be counter with a quick TK Blast. While up close he would attempt to attack Raziel with his claws or send him flying with a telekinetic burst.





Preceded by:
The Guardian of Time
The original Guardian of Time
Before Nosgoth's recorded history
Followed by:
Moebius the Time Streamer
(next known successor)