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"This state is merely atonement..."
―States Guardian[src]

The original States Guardian belonged to the race of the Ancient Vampires and was fought by Raziel in the Water Forge together with the Original Death Guardian. Her name was unknown and only her wraith form was encountered. Raziel absorbed the Guardian's soul (and that of the original Death Guardian) into the wraith-blade, imbuing it with Elemental Water.


She was dressed in purple garbs with a large, yellow, twin-peaked headdress on her head. Her visage reflected long dwelling within the Spectral Realm as a wraith after she died.


As Raziel approached the Soul Conduit the States Guardian and Death Guardian appeared. During the battle the Guardian would transform into a large ball of energy and attempt to engulf Raziel pinning him in place while dealing moderate damage over time. From a distance she launched telekinetic energy that could be counter with a quick TK Blast. While up close she would attempt to attack Raziel with her claws or send him flying with a telekinetic burst. Throughout the battle the States Guardian preferred to attack from a distance allowing the Death Guardian and Sluagh to engage Raziel up close.





Preceded by:
The Guardian of States
The original Guardian of States
Before Nosgoth's recorded history
Followed by:
The martyred Guardian of States
(next known successor)