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Raziel enters the caves by opening the previously closed doors of the Oracle´s cave by using the constrict ability. He finds a locked metal door with a symbol on it and shifts to the spectral realm to get to the next area with block puzzles and another gate. By inserting the correct blocks into the holes with matching symbols, the thich metal gate opens and he gets further into the caves. When he reaches the top, he finds a room with four dials he has to constrict. Upon doing so, the metal gate he has seen before opens and lets him access Moebius´ room with a cauldron set on fire in the middle. When Raziel enters, he reminisces about Kain´s stories, how Moebius tricked him and that underneath his façade he was Time Streamer, a member of Circle of Nine. Sensing that Kain was in this room recently, Raziel is determined to track Kain even if it would take him to hell.

Constricting the cauldron rotates the chamber and reveals a hidden tunnel, leading into area with a large clock mechanism and a statue of Moebius. Even centuries after his death, Raziel acknowledges that there is certain power emanating from Moebius´ appearance. Setting the clock to the correct amount grants Raziel further passage into the caves. He stumbles upon several rooms with clock and symbol puzzles which require the constrict ability.

When he finds a large underground area with three switches, it opens a large door leading to a long-winding hallway leading down into the Chronoplast.


In the alpha versions of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, the Oracle's Cave chapter has a major change in that it virtually follows on directly from the previous chapter - The location of the Oracle's cave was originally positioned directly at the back of Ash Village and was accessed through it, allowing Raziel to simply continue on to the next location after beating Dumah.



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