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Dark Chronicle: Mural: The human Guardians revolt[]

Kain (V. O.): This history, in part, I knew already... How, as the Vampires began to die out, the Pillars summoned human Guardians to fulfill their roles. It seemed the ancient Vampires had adopted – and, when necessary, abducted – the human Guardians, and made vampires of them when they came of age. Until the humans rebelled against their masters... And here I made a surprising discovery: it was Moebius the Time Streamer, and Mortanius, Guardian of Death, who led the bloody revolt. Now I understood why Moebius hated me so intensely. I was the first vampire Guardian in all these centuries – and he knew what my coming signified... or perhaps I reminded him of all he had forsaken.

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel[]

Kain: The orb that once opened this portal had been destroyed. To power it, I would need to find a substitute.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: Redeemer and Destroyer[]

Kain (V. O.): I was confronted again with depictions of the Vampires' champion, the bearer of the Reaver blade. And here too was his Hylden adversary, with blazing eyes, brandishing a flaming sword. Two heroes locked in combat which only one would survive. But which one? These murals prophesied two possible outcomes. I didn't know what Moebius was trying to concoct, but this all seemed too convenient...

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel[]

[Kain acquires the last Reaver enhancement.]
Kain (V. O.): With this fourth and final fragment, the Balance Emblem was complete. I now had the means to unseal the mysterious chamber at the heart of the Citadel.

Dark Chronicle: The Oracle of the ancient Vampires[]

[Using the Balance Emblem, Kain is finally able to open the mysterious chamber at the heart of the Citadel. A still pool dominates the center of the room – Kain glances into it, as he walks slowly around the room, surveying the architecture. Murals cover the walls, depicting the Vampires' fall from grace.]
Kain (V. O.): For my ancient ancestors, the dark gift was clearly a curse, damning them to a kind of spiritual purgatory. But why were they compelled to seal this chamber so securely? Perhaps the lock was not meant to keep intruders out, but to imprison something within...
[As Kain inspects the chamber, we see the oracular pool slowly coming to life. The surface begins to undulate. Kain notices this as he speaks his final line, and draws the Reaver defensively. A disembodied voice fills the chamber. We recognize this as the Elder God's voice though with a more benevolent tone, but Kain has never heard this voice before.]
Elder God: Kain... Scion of Balance. Savior of Nosgoth.
Kain: (suspiciously)
What is this?
Elder God: Your arrival is foretold... The Fates have willed it.
Kain: (distrustfully)
Is that so.
Elder God: I am the Oracle of your ancestors. I can provide the answers you require...
[Kain doesn't respond. He stares distrustfully at the pool. The oracle continues –]
Elder God: You needn't speak; I know your mind. You seek knowledge of your creature, Raziel... this I can offer, if you will look.
[The surface of the pool ripples and then stills, showing an image of Raziel standing over Janos Audron's body. Kain stops reluctantly, and looks skeptically into the pool.]
Elder God: He has found the body of Janos Audron...
[The surface of the pool ripples and then stills, showing an image of Raziel standing over Janos Audron's body. Kain stops reluctantly, and looks skeptically into the pool.]
Elder God: He has found the body of Janos Audron...
[The pool ripples again to show an image of Avernus Cathedral in flames.]
Elder God: He journeys now to Avernus Cathedral to seek the Heart of Darkness. You know what this means...
[Kain looks concerned. This is exactly what he feared, but he doesn't believe he can trust this entity.]
Kain: And why would I trust your prophecies?
Elder God: These events are already written, just as you feared. But there is still time; he can be stopped.
[Kain shakes his head –]
Kain: If Avernus is in flames, Raziel is five centuries beyond my reach.
Elder God: I may aid you in this regard as well...
[The surface of the pool transforms into a portal.]
Elder God: This portal will transport you in time to the very hour that Raziel arrives in Avernus.
[Kain hesitates.]
Elder God: This task is yours to carry out... since it was you who made him what he is.
When you are ready, you may pass through.
Kain (V. O.): I knew of course that this 'oracle' was not to be trusted. But in the end, what choice did I have?

Dark Chronicle: The final admonition of the Oracle[]

[Kain steps through the portal, which swallows him up – when he steps back out the other side, it is 500 years in the future.]
Kain (V. O.): This peculiar sensation was familiar to me, and the chamber did indeed appear altered by time... In this regard, at least, the oracle seemed to have been truthful.
Elder God: I have delivered you faithfully to the very hour you desire. You know what must be done, Kain. There is only one way to prevent Raziel from doing great harm.
Kain: He is not my enemy.
Elder God: (ominously)
But you are his...
[The pool goes still and returns to its previous state. The Oracle has left the building.]

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel[]

[Kain discovers the Avernus vista.]
Kain (V. O.): From this vantage point I could see the city of Avernus in flames. The oracle had indeed brought me to the time it promised. It might also be true, then, that Raziel was already there, seeking the Heart of Darkness. If so, he had to be stopped. I could not allow Janos to be raised.


  • In this chapter, Kain can collect 2 Health talismans, 1 Telekinesis rune and 2 Arcane tomes. Kain can also collect the Time Reaver enhancement. Kain also finds the Quest Items the Earth Globe and the Sphere of Energy.
  • Enemies in this level include the returning Lesser shades, Greater shades, Feral humans (male), Feral humans (female), Guardian constructs and Vampire Golems - for the first time in Defiance no new enemies are introduced in this chapter.
  • Kain has the main objectives "Recover the last fragment of the Balance Emblem", "Seek power source for disabled warp gate", "Recover the last fragment of the Balance Emblem", "Open the chamber at the center of the Citadel", "Use the time portal" and "Depart for Avernus" and the minor objectives "Find the warp gate to Earth area", "Find Earth relic to unlock door", "Use Earth Globe to open door", "Find warp gate to Dark area", "Find orb to power warp gate", "Return to Earth via warp gate", "Activate warp gate to Air area", "Use warp gate to Air area", "Find warp gate to Light area", "Acquire the Time Emblem", "Unlock the Balance Emblem door", "Jump into portal to travel in time", "Find vista to Avernus" and "Use bat form to travel". The Prima Guide identifies the main objective (and chapter title) as "Open the Spirit Forge Chamber" and lists the other objectives as "Traverse to the Dimensional Portal of Dark", "Traverse to the Dimensional Portal of Earth","Traverse to the Dimensional Portal of Light", "Enter the Spirit Forge chamber" and "Bat flight to Avernus".