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The Necropolis was an area of Nosgoth seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver that was the territory of Melchiah and the Melchahim clan in Kain's empire. As its name suggests, it was originally a large cemetery from which the Melchahim fed and recruited fledglings.

After Raziel's execution and return as a wraith he traveled to the territory after passing through his own desolate stronghold. The area served as effectively the first dungeon location in the game with the first boss found within.

In addition to the story progression the territory also contained passage to optional areas such as the Force Glyph Altar, Nupraptor's Retreat and the Stone Glyph Altar. Several collectibles and bonus items could also be found through backtracking with later abilities.


SR1-Necropolis Graveyard.PNG
"This charnel house bore the unmistakable marks of Melchiah's clan. To what depths had our dynasty plummeted, if these ghouls were the descendants of my high-born brother? Were they so debased as to recruit fledglings from the desiccated corpses here interred?"
―Raziel — Listen (file info)[src]

The Necropolis was one of the first areas visited in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and the first true dungeon area of the game. Based around several graveyards and cemeteries the area was the main territory of the zombie-like Melchahim vampires.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

When Raziel returned from his execution as a wraith he initially journeyed to his own clan territory but found it largely abandoned and crumbling into ruins. Passing through the stronghold Raziel soon emerged into the Necropolis where he encountered the adult and fledgling Melchahim vampires.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/2][Soul Reaver/3][Soul Reaver/4]

Raziel confronts Melchiah

As Raziel passed through the area he encountered a cemetery and a charnel house marked with a large mural of Melchiah and followed the path across a lake into a series of crypts where he encountered the first Vampire wraiths and first complex block puzzles of the game. Emerging on a higher path he could follow the route around a small cove and up a wide corridor to an industrial area where he could activate a gear mechanism and burn some supports to lower the platforms and allow him to reach the final chambers below.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

In a vault deep beneath the area Raziel encountered his brother Melchiah and fought him in the first boss battle of the game. After Melchiah's defeat Raziel consumed his soul and gained the ability to phase through gates - which would allow him to enter the Sanctuary of the Clans and confront Kain.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/5]

Raziel could return to the Necropolis later in the game and use later abilities to collect several optional bonuses. Once he had the Wraith Blade in his possession, Raziel could open a sarcophagus in the crypt area to reach an Eldritch power up below. With the Scaling walls ability he could climb a wall off the main lake to reach a health power up and another health bonus could be found in an gated alcove beneath the water in the cove area which was accessed using the new phasing ability. In the same area another gated barrier blocked the passage to the Force Glyph Altar where Raziel could topple special pillars to gain the Force Glyph.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/Miscellaneous][Soul Reaver/Force]

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The collapsed facade of Nupraptor's Retreat

Perhaps the most important optional discovery was an underwater passage from the main lake topped by a climbable wall which led to an expansive area containing the ruined remains of Nupraptor's Retreat. Ascending the ruins and gliding across the top of the chasm Raziel could reach another health power up on a structure in the cliffs above and he could also progress along a high path into the Stone Glyph Altar where a block puzzle stood between him and the Stone Glyph.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/Miscellaneous][Soul Reaver/Stone]

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Design and Layout[]

The Necropolis consists of several large outdoor and indoor areas. Raziel gets first greeted by the cemetery which was the source of corpses for the clan. There is a charnel house at the top of the cemetery which houses a Warp Gate and leads further into the lake district. The lake is a hub area from which several locations are accessible. Raziel can travel to the crypts and use a shortcut to the upper lake portion leading to Melchiah´s chamber which can be created via stack of blocks. The two underwater tunnels lead to the Stone and Force Glyphs.

Main Areas[]

Raziel's Clan Territory Connections[]

The initial areas of the Necropolis territory connected to the stronghold of the Razielim and Raziel's Clan Territory. The final wall of the stronghold overlooked a wide open area with a small cave containing a bonfire to the south. Three distinctive columns in this area bore the distinctive designs associated with the Necropolis and gateway to the north was marked with several Melchahim designs, signalling the entrance to their territory.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/3] [Soul Reaver/4]

The Cemetery and Charnel House[]

The cemetery is accessed by the large metal gate. Behind the gate a narrow corridor of green block-like stonework led out into a wider area flanked by large columns and Melchahim flags - its entrance guarded by a human vampire hunter.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

This area consisted of three vertical plateaus that Raziel needed to climb. The middle part had many graves and two adult Melchahim patrolling the area. In order to reach the top, Raziel needed to move the block in the right alcove to allow him to jump upward to the next level. The top plateau has more graves and a large bonfire in front of a distinctive mural illustrating Melchiah himself. Two slopes led upwards into the charnel house.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The charnel house interior was divided into two floors. On the first floor the two slopes from the cemetery led into a small gallery with a set of windows overlooking the cemetery below. Two wide arches at the back connected to an area at the back with an ornate window positioned high above with a shaft of Sunlight pouring through. To the left of the back area was a gate covering access to a spiral staircase which led down to the bottom part of the building where the warp gate was positioned. At the opposite side of the room the passage led out through a doorway to the lake area.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The Exterior Lake[]

The lake area was a large exterior space dominated by a body of water in the middle dotted with various sunken pillars and fallen rubble. The bank closest to the warp gate had four pillars supporting an overhead tunnel which sheltered Pupating Melchahim hiding underneath and a small enclosed area where a single block was positioned below a couple of high ledges. In order to reach the far bank of the lake, Raziel needed to jump across several of the broken pillars to the opposite side where a doorway marked by a large brazier and a Melchahim flag led into the crypts.

Beyond the usual methods of progression there were also several other features of note in the area. Part way across the lake a climbing wall was positioned which - once Raziel had the Scaling walls ability - could allow him to ascend to a high alcove containing a health power up. Beneath the waterline were a couple of passages which connected to other areas of the territory. One in the northwest led on toward Nupraptor's Retreat, while a passage in the southwest led through a tunnel to the underwater sections of the cove area.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The Small Crypt[]

The first small crypt area has a low arched ceiling with the walls lined with torches and a large step down part way across the room. The area housed three sarcophaguses out of which one has a Soul Reaver symbol. Two fledgling Melchahim guarded this area.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

After Raziel acquired the wraith blade he can use it on the side keyhole of the Reaver sarcophagus, which triggered the crypt to slide to the back revealing an opening underneath. The narrow tunnel below widened into an antechamber with another crossed Soul Reaver symbol which can also be moved by using the wraith blade. Inside is a roughly hexagonal chamber decorated with walls marked by a distinct script surrounding as central supporting pillar in the middle. At the back wall Raziel can find an Eldritch upgrade.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The gate at the the end of the small crypt area led down a narrow sloped passage lined with braziers and a narrow level passage then led on to the larger crypt area.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The Large Crypt and Hallway[]

The next large crypt area was divided by a set of two grates. The first area housed 8 niches or crypts and had a supporting pillar in the middle which held a high wooden partition dividing the top of the room with arms extending to the north and south walls. The arm and partition extending to the east had partially collapsed leaving a wooden arch on the floor. Ledges surrounded the northern, eastern and southern walls which were accessible from a northern wall decoration which extended into a climbable step in the Spectral Realm. The southern wall of the room had grates on the lower and upper floors which blocked access to the next area with a block positioned on the eastern ledge and a prominent alcove at the corner meeting the southern wall. In order to open the top grate and progress, Raziel needed to push the block into the wall slot, allowing him passage.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The second area was much larger and had a higher arched ceiling with two high wooden beams at either end and two moving platforms connected to a pulley mechanism between them. Patterned designs, braziers and 21 crypts were housed in its surrounding walls and several narrow ledges were positioned along the bottom of the walls surrounding a large rectangular pit in the center of the room with large stepped ledges at either side. An alcove on the rear wall allowed a block to be slotted in which opened the lower grate allowing passage back to the previous room, whereas progression required the platform to be frozen in time and jumped across in the Spectral Realm to reach a high opening on the opposite side.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The following room was a square chamber with patterned walls, two triangular platforms, two blocks and two alcoves, with a large grate at the opposite side. It was necessary for Raziel to correctly orientate the blocks and match their patterns to open the grate and progress. This led to a long hallway sloping upward which led to a high ledge overlooking the lake district. From here Raziel could drop a block down below, stack it on the existing block and use it to climb to another high opening and a set of curved corridors supported by wooden beams which led onto the cove area.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The Cove[]

The Cove is a another area dominated by a body of water, this time a more modest semi-circular pool with a stone stack in the middle and a bank curving around the south of the cove that Raziel could use to reach a wider platform on the northern bank. A small bonfire was present here along with a larger arched tunnel bearing a gate which led up to the next area.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

Beneath the waterline of the cove were a few additional connections. A passage way to the north protected by a grate led into the optional Force Glyph Altar and a passage way to the east led through an underwater passage back to the area below the lake.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The Main Descending Crypt[]

A wide sloping corridor with occasional sunlight beams and braziers led upward from the cove area before emerging in a large open chamber with industrial components and machinery including several tracks in the floor as well as cylindrical and rack and pinion gears. In the center of the room was a slightly raised platform marked by a Melchahim symbol and surrounded by tracks in the floor. around it were several support pillars with gearing racks embedded in them and four other Melchahim symbols marked the corner of the central space. Several triangular alcoves were present in the walls giving the room a star-shaped impression and in one alcove a bonfire could be found. At one end of the chamber a lever was positioned and a triangular elevator with a flip switch activating it could be found on the western wall - this led down to the engine room.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

After Raziel had visited and activated the engine room the central platform of the main crypt could be triggered to descend in several stages. Initially the platform could be triggered to descend using the main lever. This dropped the central section down to a lower level with numerous shallow alcoves in the walls and a single opening in the corner marked with a scratched stripe pattern above which led down through a rocky bending passage to a lower level. Here Raziel could move blocks with fire on top along the platform´s grooves to burn the wooden supports along the walls and drop the central section again, matching the central grooves to the track markings nearby the blocks. Moving the blocks back along the tracks to the four corners of the central design once again dropped the floor for the final time - and opened the passage to Melchiah's chambers.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

The Engine Room[]

The engine room was an area beneath the main crypt only accessible through the triangular elevator there. The elevator led out to a branching corridor with metallic plated walls and industrial gearing visible. Both passages led to identical L-shaped ramps with a large rack and pinion gear - although the enemies encountered on each path differed. The passages both led into a large open engine room with a metal walkway and some smaller gas pipes around the outside. Three large gears were placed below the walkway with two supported on metallic stands. A metal ramp led down from the outer walkways to the center of the room where gears met. A the rear of the walkways a switch was positioned flanked by removable pipes and on the opposite walkway was a crank. To progress it was necessary to flip the switch and turn the crank to activate the machinery in preparation for lowering the platform in the main descending crypt. On the return journey machinery in the walls would rotate.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

Melchiah's Lair[]

The initial passages leading to Melchiah's chambers consisted of a steep ramp leading down from the bottom of the main descending crypt through a small gate into a circular area. This led on to Melchiah's lair. The room is spacious but dark - illuminated merely by the torches on the walls - and consists of a large open circular area decorated by ornate patterns and Melchiah symbols, dominated by a large meat grinder suspended above a metal cage in the middle. The room somewhat resembling a torture chamber with the floor of the cage appearing to be stained in blood from past executions. To the sides of the room were two small chambers decorated with effigies and each side room had a switch and a spiked gate which could be dropped onto Melchiah. At the far end of the main room was a steep wide ramp which led up to Melchiah's throne area, marked by a pair of large beams and further Melchahim clan symbols and flags. To the side of this area is the main crank which activated the grinder.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]

Optional Areas[]

The Force Glyph Altar[]

Main article: Force Glyph Altar

The Force Glyph Altar area branched off from an underwater passage beneath the cove and consisted of a long hallway blocked by a gate which rose above the waterline and surfaced at a round room made out of white stone, with a notable relief of a face with the eyes sewn shut - representing former Mind guardian Nupraptor. The face was flanked by two Force symbols and three obelisks were placed in the middle of the room in a triangular arrangement around a brain pattern on the floor - with each obelisk bearing bearing a portion of the force symbol atop them. To complete the puzzle Raziel needed to push down all the pillars, toppling them so their symbools matched to create a full force symbol on the brain. This is turn activated altar, causing the eyes of the large stone face to open and allowing Raziel to gain the Force Glyph.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/Force]

Nupraptor's Retreat[]

Main article: Nupraptor's Retreat

Seen previously in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain as the base of Mind Guardian Nupraptor, the remains of Nupraptor's retreat can be found in Melchahim territory nearby the Necropolis. The valley containing the retreat could be accessed from an underwater passage leading northwest from beneath the main lake area.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Stone]

The passage surfaced into a large open valley with rocky walls and many brick buildings high above built into the walls of the canyon. At the far end of the canyon the skull of the retreat was positioned at ground level, with the structure and one of its pylons having apparently fallen down the cliff face long before and the waterfall dried up. The jaw of the original structure remained in place at the top of the cliff.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Stone]

Passing through the eye of the skull Raziel could reach the inside of the retreat, which retained few of its previous internal rooms and was now little more than a tall open area hemmed in between brick buildings with wooden beams crossing the space. Climbing up Raziel could eventually reach a high room decorated with a notable mural before exiting onto the jaw plate overlooking the valley below. From here he could glide across to reach the structures on the other side of the canyon and the Stone Glyph Altar.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Stone]

Stone Glyph Altar[]

Main article: Stone Glyph Altar

After passing through and ascending Nupraptor's Retreat and gliding across the top of the canyon Raziel could reach a high path above the valley. From here he could reach the stepped structures on the cliff opposite, where a number of bonuses could be found including a health power up. The structures here contained a block which Raziel could move aside to expose a scaling wall which he could climb if he fell.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Stone]

Continuing on down the trail led inside a cave-like passage which led to the Stone Glyph Altar. Here murals lined the walls and Raziel could progress into a grand chamber with a different set of murals and a distinctive statue in the middle. Here a complicated block puzzle allowed Raziel to gain the Stone Glyph.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Stone]





Soul Reaver Alpha - Necropolis

(by Raina Audron)

The Necropolis has several elements that were changed during development and appeared differently in the alpha builds:

  • There is no Melchahim symbol gateway. In its place is a black impassable barrier and the first jump platform is missing.[1][2][3]
  • At the top of the graveyard area the mural shows figures carrying bodies rather than Melchiah himself. The mural featured in the alphas is actually a real world piece found in Germany known as the Externsteine relief which depicts the recovery of Jesus's body from the cross after his crucifixion. The mural is still present in the retail release but is largely obscured by the carving of Melchiah.[1][2][3][4]
  • The charnel house itself has a fence partway across, no sunbeams and no gate.[1][2][3][Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]
  • The back of the charnel house in the lake area has a discreet wall which is replaced by a rock texture in the final game.[1][2][3]
  • At the water jump there is no climbing wall or collectible. The gate at the end of the area is covered with unique textures in the alpha - In earlier builds it just has a criss-cross pattern, but later builds have large repeated Melchahim faces.[1][2][3]
  • The small crypt area is open-roofed with part of the ceiling support having collapsed. There is no Reaver crypt or secret passage.[1][2][3]
  • The large crypt has a shadowy feel and darker textures and lighting more appropriate to the area, with morgue drawers and a much foreboding atmosphere - but this appears to be scrapped in the latest build. The pit area has a ramp on the side and later betas continued to experiment with ramps here. The block puzzle is changed and a number of different solutions are experimented with through the alpha builds.[1][2][3][5]
  • The second lake area does not contain passage to the Force Glyph Altar - that shrine is instead found in the Drowned Abbey in this version.[1][2][3][Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/Miscellaneous][Soul Reaver/Force]
  • The large platform in the main crypt area has much more ornate patterned textures, but is unstable and prone to crashes. The flaming blocks are developed through successive builds.[1][2][3]
  • Melchiah's chamber has a much higher 'throne' platform with no obvious way to get up to it. The switch atop the platform does activate the meat grinder but it can be activated at any time rather than only after the side levers – once activated the grinder will continue to oscillate up and down. The side chambers feature portcullises which change with successive builds as the mechanics are implemented.[1][2][3]


The "stnglph" statue in the Stone Glyph Altar

"Beyond the ruins of your former stronghold, and above the gardens of the dead, your brother Melchiah waits."
―Elder God — Listen (file info)[src]
  • The "Necropolis" name originates in the official strategy guide which uses the title to refer to the location and the associated chapter.[Soul Reaver strategy guide (Prima)] The Necropolis is not explicitly named in dialogue but parts are referenced in dialogue, with Raziel and the Elder God referring to a "charnel house" and "the gardens of the dead" respectively - terms which seem to correspond to specific parts of the overall territory.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]
    • The term associated with the area tend to imply a relation to death and mortuary proceedings: The term "Necropolis" is used for a large designed cemeteries some distance from large scale human settlement and literally means "city of the dead". A "charnel house" is a vault used for storing skeletal remains and derives from the words for "graveyard" and "flesh".[6][7]
    • Two codes are used within the game files to refer to the main Necropolis areas encountered in the game, both are found under the "skinner" entry in Debug menus: "out" is mainly used to refer to external areas, whereas "skinnr" is used to refer to internal rooms, particularly those relating to the crypts and the final internal rooms.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4] The "skinner" and "skinnr" terms derive from the "skinner" codename used to identify the Melchahim clan in development - with Melchiah being the Skinner boss labelled as "Skinbss".[8][Soul Reaver] The initial room between the wall of Raziel's Clan Territory and the Melchahim gate, although bearing many of the hallmarks of the Necropolis is actually counted as part of the Razielim territory and is labelled as "huba17".[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/3] The exact rooms are labelled in order as follows: "out1" refers to the initial stepped graveyard area, "out3" refers to the area inside the charnel house, "out 2" refers to the spiral staircase down to the warp gate, "out10" refers to the warp gate room, "out13" refers to the small turn after the warp gate, "out4" refers to the main lake area, "skinnr6" refers to the small crypt room, "skinnr18" refers to the secret wraith blade crypt, "skinnr17" refers to the sloping corridors, "skinnr7" refers to the vampire wraith room and larger crypt, "skinnr14" refers to the small block puzzle room, "skinnr16" refers to the slope heading back out, "out7" refers to the first part of the curving arch passage, "out6" refers to the second part of the curving arched passage, "out5" refers to the cove area, "out14" refers to the underwater passage to the Force glyph altar, "out15" refers to the Force Glyph Altar (which has a different position and code in alphas), "out9" refers to the underwater passage leading back toward the main lake, "out8" refers to the second part of the underwater passage, "skinnr13" refers to the first part of the wide upward slope, "skinnr15" refers to the second part of the wide upward slope, "skinnr1" refers to the main crypt area, "skinnr10" refers to the triangular lift, "skinnr2" refers to the branching corridor, "skinnr4" and "skinnr3" refer to the two slopes off the branching corridor, "skinnr5" refers to the gear room, "skinnr11" refers to the first slope down toward Melchiah's lair, "skinner12" refers to the second part of the slope and circular chamber and finally "skinnr9" refers to Melchiah's boss chamber.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Force][1][2][3]
      • The areas associated with the optional bonuses like Nupraptor's Retreat and the Stone Glyph Altar have their own code listings. They are labelled as "stone" and counted under the "stone glyph" section of Debug menus. The individual rooms are listed as follows: "out16" refers to the first underwater passage leading from the main lake, "out11" refers to the second part of the underwater passage, "stone13" refers to the passage leading to the valley, "stone1" refers to the first part of the valley with the high structures, "stone2" refers to the second part of the valley with Nupraptor's Retreat, "stone3" and "stone4" refer to the passage leading into Nupraptor's Retreat, "stone5" refers to the interior of the retreat, "stone6" and "stone7" refer to the passages leading back to the top of the retreat, "stone8" refers to the high mural chamber behind the jaw plate, "stone9" refers to the passage leading into the Stone Glyph altar, "stone10" refers to the initial area of the stone glyph altar, "stone11" refers to main area of the Stone Glyph Altar with the statue, "stone14" refers to the passage leading to the warp gate and "stone 15" refers to the warp gate itself.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Stone]
        • One notable absence in the listings in the retail version is"stone12" which is not present in the retail version. The area is present in the alphas and there it represent the jaw plate section of Nupraptor's retreat - in later builds this is included as part of "stone2". Conversely the rooms "skinnr18", "out14" and "out16" are not present in the alphas and the retail "out13" is counted as a part of "out10". The Force Glyph altar (marked as "out15" in retail) is not present in the same location in the alphas but the room does exist - it is instead a part of the Drowned Abbey where it is labelled as "aluka26".[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/Stone][1][2][3]
  • The Necropolis warp gate is unusual in that rather than being a side room with a single entrance it has two and the room must be passed through as part of the progression of the game. The only other warp gate with similar attributes is found in the Underworld and introduces Raziel to the concept. All other warp gates in the game are side rooms with a single entrance that may be missed and are not necessary to visit to progress.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/2][Soul Reaver/4]
  • Raziel's dialogue upon entering the Necropolis notably implies that the area was not under the control of the Melchahim at the time of his execution and the Melchahim's recruiting methods were taboo in Raziel's time.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]
  • The Melchahim territory features several unique and interesting weapons. As with other areas, the territory is liberally decorated with Torches, but it also and introduces its own "stdskin" staff variant weapon, which appears to be made from a small skeleton and is named for label of the area and its clan - the weapon would go on to be recreated for the limited edition comic con BBI Raziel action figure. At least one of the "cstaff" weapons can also be found in the last section of the territory - although it had previously been seen outside the Sanctuary of the Clans and in Raziel's Clan Territory. "pipestk" weapons can also be found in the engine room area. One design of boulder is seen in the territory and in Nupraptor's Retreat, the recurring "stnaff" staff variant weapon can be found.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]
  • Several distinct designs for Blocks can be found in the Necropolis. The most numerous tend to be the patterned design labelled as "skbblk" apparently again referring to the skinners , but several other are seen in block puzzles. "firblk" blocks have a similar pattern but emit flame and are used to burn the platform in the main crypt area. A rotated "pshblk" block obscuring its distinctive cross symbol is found as a step to climb out of the pit in the main crypt. "bkalph" blocks are used in the crypt area and feature a design resembling the Greek capital Pi symbol. Nupraptor's Retreat feature a target patterned block labelled as "frcblk" which block entrance to the warp gate until Raziel has the Telekinetic force projectiles ability. Finally several variants of "stnblk" labelled designs are used for the Stone Glyph Altar mural.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4]
    • It appears that through the alphas several different solutions to the crypt exit block puzzle were implemented and several early versions of blocks exist to aid the various solutions: the early bkalph" block have the pi symbol rotated on several sides, a cut block design labelled as "bketa" shows a greek capital sigma rotated on several sides, a cut "mblk" has the rotated pi along with a diamond design intended to slot into a similar marking on the wall and a cut "nblk" has a rotated sigma variant along with capital delta symbols.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/4][1][2][3]


Retail Textures[]

Alpha Textures[]

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