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Meridian's Written Language is a 'language' featured in text throughout Meridian in Blood Omen 2. Unlike other 'written languages' in the Legacy of Kain series, Meridian's text does not appear to have been intended to be 'worked out' by fans and it is usually based on real-world languages or a specific easily deciphered font; both of which require little effort translating.

Meridian's Written Language is encountered primarily in the early chapters of Blood Omen 2, particularly in the Human dominated areas of Meridian. The text appears in two distinct varieties; with a seemingly English based 'Meridian Script' font used on signage; and an 'ordinary' font which seemed to combine parts of real-world English, French and Slavic Languages[Blood Omen 2].

Meridian's Written Languages could be observed fromChapter 1:the Slums, where the 'ordinary font' made infrequent appearances, featured on signage and newspapers blowing through the city. As Kain progressed through the lower areas of the city, more and more written text was observed (presumably indicating higher rates of literacy) and the ordinary 'combined language' font was gradually replaced by the more official looking 'Meridian Script'. This practice reached a peak in Chapter 3:The Lower City, where the numerous businesses had signs written in the script and only a few businesses kept to the French/Slavic 'ordinary font' (notably the "Auberge Du Roitre","Gaestrobog"and "Gospikon" signs). Later levels used no text, instead relying on icons and picture signs[Blood Omen 2].


Given the placement of the written language within Meridian, it is likely that the language is Human in origin, the usage of the language increases until the Lower City, but is seen rarely after this point[Blood Omen 2].

Meridian's Written Language is similar to other written languages, seen notably in the Blood Omen arc of the series; these include Blood Script in Blood Omen[Blood Omen] and Lovecraft's Diary in Defiance[Defiance] ; notably however Meridian's language doesn't require de-cyphering. The series also features two other 'verbal' languages; The Latin-like Ancient Tongue[Blood Omen](whose mixing of language conventions somewhat mirrors part of Meridian's Written Language) and the mysterious feral humans' language (used by Feral Humans in Defiance)[Defiance].

Strangely some anti-Sarafan graffiti in the Lower City is written in the seemingly more 'official' Meridian Script[Blood Omen 2].