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Mercenaries were an enemy class encountered by Kain in Blood Omen 2. They were seen in Chapter 6: The Industrial Quarter, Chapter 7: The Canyons and were later briefly seen guarding the Wharves in Chapter 10.


Mercenaries[1] were a type of enemy affiliated with the Sarafan, they wore little armor, only a metallic helmet and several metallic 'pads'. They were first seen in the introduction to Chapter 6:The Industrial Quarter, where a male Mercenary and a Sarafan Archer were seen patrolling the outside of the Industrial Quarter. Along with the Sarafan Archers, male Mercenaries were frequently encountered as enemies in the Industrial Quarter[2][Blood Omen 2]

A similarly attired female Mercenary variant would later be encountered in Chapter 7:The Canyons,[3] following the Merchant trading carts and attempting to protect them from attack by Smugglers (and Kain)[Blood Omen 2]. Mercenaries (the male variant) were also one of the enemy classes encounterd (briefly) in Chapter 11 in the diversely populated Wharves[Blood Omen 2][4] 

Though they were not as heavily armored as other Sarafan troops, Mercenaries were better armed and stronger than regular Sarafan guards[Blood Omen 2], despite apparently lacking the discipline of their Sarafan counterparts.[1] male Mercenaries were armed with a Scimitar and female mercenaries with an axe[Blood Omen 2].


  • Mercenaries were presumably unrelated to the Mercenary enemies seen in Blood Omen, Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance. However, the name Icon-Wikipedia.png"Mercenary " implies that these classes were all paid combatants that were not party to the conflict itself.
  • Mercenaries are labelled as "merc" in debug information[Blood Omen 2].
  • Unlike other Sarafan troops, Mercenaries were not shown to wear any Sarafan symbols whatsoever; along with their name this could indicate that the Mercenaries were not formally part of the Sarafan Order, but were paid to take part in conscripted Sarafan duties. It seems strange that the Sarafan Lord would choose the undisciplined Mercenaries[1] to guard later areas over the presumably better trained Sarafan guards.
  • Prima's Blood Omen 2 Guide mentions in the introduction to Chapter 7: The Canyons, that the canyons are "a wilderness that only Smugglers and Mercenaries dare to cross";[3] yet the guide mis-labels the female mercenary class in the level as "Female Smugglers[5](a mistake it has made with other enemy classes). Within the level, far from the actions of smugglers, the class is seen aiding 'Carter' NPCs, with them displaying aggresson towards other Smuggler classes. Debug information confirms them as mercenaries, labeling them as "merc" - the same label for the male mercenaries (and the other Smugglers as "smug")[Blood Omen 2].


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