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The Melchahim were a clan of vampires in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. They were the descendants of the lieutenant Melchiah.

The primary territory of the Melchahim was the Necropolis, but were also encountered in and around the nearby ruins of Nupraptor's Retreat.

As with all the clans seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, the were two subclasses: the adult Melchahim, and the younger fledgling Melchahim. They were also encountered in their inactive pupating state.[Soul Reaver manual (US)][Soul Reaver manual (UK)]


The Melchahim were the weakest vampires in the desolate Nosgoth. As their master, Melchiah received the weakest portion of Kain’s gift, therefore, his offspring inherited an unusual physical frailty. Their flesh was constantly decaying and they had to steal skin from their human victims.

They wore loincloths and belts around their waist and would limp when walking due to body disfigurement. They developed ambush tactics where they would stay burrowed and emerge after sensing footsteps above them. If Raziel stood above and a Melchahim emerged from the underground, he would get hurt. Their fighting style made them appear clumsy. The adult Melchahim burrowed and finding a pile of mound indicated their presence in the area.

Raziel comments on their necromantic practices when first finding the charnel house and being disgusted to find they have used desiccated corpses found here to produce more offspring.

The UK manual states that the Melchahim were "the lowest form of vampire" in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, describing them as "foul creatures" that "barely skirt the boundary between the living and the dead". It was also mentioned that the Melchahim had to steal the skin of their victims "to constantly replace their rotting flesh".[Soul Reaver manual (UK)]

Membership and Forces[]

Along with clan leader Melchiah, two types of Melchahim were seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - fledglings and adults. A third class - the Summoners - was playable in Nosgoth representing a stage before the devolution of the clan.


Summoners were the class of Melchahim encountered in the mid-events of Soul Reaver War for Nosgoth seen in Nosgoth.[NOS] Eventually they began succumbing to Nupraptor's curse that all of Kain's prodigy suffered from.

Fledgling Melchahim[]

Fledgling Melchahim were the younger, less evolved members of Melchiah's clan, in contrast to adult Melchahim. They were devastated by sunlight’s touch and when touching water. They appear to be immune to rain.

Adult Melchahim[]

Adult Melchahim were the older, more evolved members of Melchiah's clan. Their skin started to rot and had a green tint in contrast to the brown skin colour of the fledglings. They appeared more physically deformed than the fledglings, with the right side of their body thicker than the left. These vampires had also glowing red eyes unlike the fledglings.


Melchiah, the leader of the Melchahim, was the last lieutenant created. As such, his powers are the weakest of all the clan leaders — so much so that his flesh moldered.

Melchiah's vanity was such that he would search among the human slaves for the most stunning specimens. After feeding on them, he would skin them and don their flesh to cover his putrescence. His children, the Melchahim, also skin their victims to help hold their own rotting carcasses together.

―The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver manual[Soul Reaver manual (US)]
Melchahim are the lowest form of vampire, the clan of the vampire lieutenant Melchiah. They barely skirt the boundary between the living and the dead. These foul creatures must not only steal the blood of their victims, but must also steal their skin to constantly replace their rotting flesh.
―The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver manual[Soul Reaver manual (UK)]


  • Stage directions describe the Melchahim vampires as "scuttling", as well as "decayed" and "ghoulish".[Soul Reaver/4]
  • The US manual explained Melchiah's position as "the last lieutenant created", and the consequence: "his powers are the weakest of all the clan leaders - so much so that his flesh moldered". It goes on to say that Melchiah would skin his victims "and don their flesh to cover his putrescence". His children did the same "to help hold their own rotting carcasses together".[Soul Reaver manual (US)]
  • Series artist Daniel Cabuco described Melchiah's gaining of his clans vampire gifts as follows:
"Melchiah is not depressed or downtrodden, while he originally felt that he had a poor gift: his body falling apart, he realized that he gained another. The ability to add other parts to his own, to reformulate his body as he sees fit, even being able to pass through gates and grates. With this revelation, he began a deranged journey of experimentation to prove he and his clan could become the most powerful and numerous of all."
Daniel Cabuco[2]

In background materials to Nosgoth, Cabuco further elaborated that in the early-mid events of Soul Reaver:

"The Summoners of Melchiah believed themselves to be unstoppable. They were the most numerous of all the vampires, and welcomed the chance to spread their influence across the land. Then a bizarre affliction began to sweep through their ranks: a rot of the flesh, causing their skin, muscle and bones to fail. Feeding would not abate the effect, and soon they began to grow desperate, nearly falling upon each other. It was then Melchiah's discovery was made known. They could bind the flesh, the limbs, the bones of others to themselves, and not only regain the functions they previously had, but also absorb some the strength and endurance of their victims. Immediately the Melchahim sought to improve their attributes, tearing their victims apart after feeding to stitch and sew the trophies of their kills to their bodies. Some would do it to gain grotesque advantage in combat, others to improve their beauty. Among their clan it became fashionable to have many different skins, piercings, and markings to show their tenacity and invulnerability. Body modification became a way to show off their indifference to pain, to strike terror into their enemies and help spread tales of what would happen to a victim's corpse after it was fed upon. And even though the rot would still afflict them eventually, there was no shortage of body parts among their enemies to stave off the phage. Other clans would mock them as having the 'poorest gift' among the vampires, but the Summoners knew differently. They could improve themselves constantly and without end, they could cheat death with every stitch, and replace the damage of fire, acid, or sunlight. They would never stagnate, never know the boredom of eternity that could drive some mad. They have become truly unstoppable."
Daniel Cabuco[NOS]


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