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"There had to be a way to escape the spirit world, without the help my master was pleased to deny me. Only in the material realm would I have a chance to seek my destiny – or change it."

The Material Realm, also known as the Material Plane, the material world or the physical world, was a plane of existence within the reality of Nosgoth. Described as the realm of the living, it was coterminous with the Spectral Realm and the Demon Realm.

In the Material Realm, time flowed in a linear fashion, and objects could be influenced and moved. It was the native habitat of most of Nosgoth's known inhabitants, who largely originated - and continue to dwell - within this plane.

The Material Realm has appeared prominently in all Legacy of Kain media, but was not formally identified under this name until Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.


The Material Realm is where the Living exist and where physical objects can be influenced and moved. The Physical Realm is where Vampires, Hylden and Humans originally inhabited and the world at large is called Nosgoth. Elements such as Air, Fire, Water, Darkness and electricity effect the Material realm but not the Spectral Realm also the Material Realm is where changes can be made but the Spectral realm which is unable to affect the Material.

Magic and Glyphs were created in this world and alongside it exist two other known Realms; The Demon Realm where powerful forces of Evil and destruction exist and can harm beings both in the Material and Spectral Realms, The Spectral Realm is where the Spirits inhabiting people in The Material Realm pass on and is inhabited by its own array of Soul devouring lifeforms.

The Elder God is a vast tentacle-like entity that exists beneath Nosgoth and is able to effect the Spiritual and Material Realms as it exists in both simultaneously; only the Soul Reaver owned by Kain can harm it as it is both a Spiritual and Material Weapon. Much of the conflict on Nosgoth and the Material Plane can be linked to the Elder God.




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