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The martyred Guardian of States was a member of the Circle of Nine, and one of the six Guardians murdered by Vorador in the slaughter of the Circle. He was referred to in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, and depicted in Soul Reaver 2.


The Guardian of States was a human, born upon the death of his immediate predecessor. He was called to serve the Pillar of States, deemed worthy by the supernatural force behind the Pillars of Nosgoth.[Blood Omen/9][OPM-SR2-Funk]

In Nosgoth's early history, Nosgoth's vampire population increased, attracting the attention of the Circle. The Guardians formed the order of the Sarafan to counter the perceived "vampire menace," and thousands were exterminated in the vampire purge. The vampire Vorador took his revenge by infiltrating the Sarafan Stronghold and murdering the Guardians of the Mind, Dimension, Nature, Balance, Energy, and States.[OPM-SR2-Funk][1]

The Guardian of States was directly succeeded by Anarcrothe the Alchemist.[Blood Omen/5]

In the Blood Omen era, Vorador recounted the slaughter of the Circle to Kain, describing the Guardian of States and the others he killed as "six of the sheep."[Blood Omen/6]

In the pre-Blood Omen era, Raziel found himself in the Sarafan Stronghold, where he studied murals depicting the six slain Guardians in beatific imagery and demonizing Vorador in the Circle's gathering-room. Moebius the Time Streamer commented that "[Vorador] slaughtered six of [his] fellow Guardians as they cowered, defenseless, in this room."[Soul Reaver 2/1]


Responding to an Eidos Forums question about the martyred Guardians, Crystal Dynamics QA manager Chris Bruno said, "if you are asking for their names, I don't think that has been revealed yet in the LOK games."

The mural depicting the martyred Guardian of States was illustrated and painted by Soul Reaver 2 art lead Daniel Cabuco. Cabuco described it on his portfolio site:[Spectraljin]

This mural in Sarafan Stronghold of SR2. It shows Vorador killing another of Pillar Guardians. I always felt that this one looked like a "Superman vs. The Hulk" comic book cover. Incidentally I added the Pillar guardian symbols later on to help identify which guardian bit the dust.
―Daniel Cabuco[Spectraljin]

Dark Chronicle's Ardeth Silvereni and Umah Bloodomen confirmed that the Guardian in question was the Guardian of States.[1] Cabuco clarified that he, like the martyred Guardian of the Mind, was not one of the four martyred Guardians who appeared in Blood Omen.

Blood Omen director Denis Dyack confirmed that none of the six Guardians murdered by Vorador were given names by Silicon Knights.[2]


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