Malek, also known as Malek the Paladin, was the guardian of conflict in Nosgoth and also one of the sarafan inquisitors. Known as the "ward of the Circle of Nine", he was charged with the protection of the Circle against their enemies,however he failed in his duty to protect them from the vampire vorador and his soul was fused to his magical armour by mortanius as a punishment as he would now serve them for all time,when Kain later met moebius in the oracle caves he claimed it was maleks vanity that led to the slaughter of six guardians,however we learn in Soul Reaver 2 that malek couldn't defend the circle as moebius ordered him not to as Raziel was "the real danger". He led the Vampire Purge and nearly instigated the annihilation of all vampires in Nosgoth. Malek's largest role is in Blood Omen were he battled Kain in his mountain fortress were he had created a machine to bind the souls of other sarafan to their armour to serve him and continue on the purge once there army was rebuilt, he also had kept his corpse on a throne frozen and preserved, he also fought Kain in his throneroom however he proved too strong for Kain to kill. He later met Kain at the dark eden were the guardian of states summoned him to take care of Kain while he fled.In retaliation Kain summoned vorador,the two were very eager to end their rivalry once and for all and battled resulting in vorador shattering maleks armour and freeing his soul, Kain took maleks guardian item , his helmet, and used it to heal the pillar of conflict in which he is a boss character, but he makes cameo appearances or is mentioned in most games in the series. In Blood Omen Neil Ross provides his voice, while his voice actor in Soul Reaver 2 is uncredited. Early in Blood Omen's production, Malek was known as "Guillaume".

Even though he was a fully fledged guardian Malek does not seem to have been an equal to the rest of the circle and is under orders from mobius and presumably the other members of the order and even was punished by mortanius possibly showing there was a heirarchy within the circle based on the fact that mobius and mortanius were the guardians of the two most powerful principals with balance being the axis of the pillars or the fact that they were the oldest human born guardians among the guardians depending possibly on


As the guardian of the Pillar of Conflict, Malek was also an incredible fighter.

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