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Magic Energy was used by Kain in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. It was represented by Kain's 'Magic Meter' - a set of rune symbols that filled with glowing blue energy as Kain's magic energy increased.

Kain's Magic Energy was drained by the usage of Spells, Forms and certain Weapons, such as the Soul Reaver. Kain's Magic Meter would automatically refill if unused. It could however, be manually refilled by drinking Blue blood (that of Ghosts) or by collecting magic spheres. He could also increase his Magic capacity by collecting rune triangles.


Presumably Magic Energy appears in later games, but it is not explicitly identified as such:

Time Portal bearing Magic Energy Runes

The symbols used for Kain's Magic Meter appear visually to be similar to Blood Script, but meanings are as yet unknown. The same symbols occur on Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain's inventory screen (symbolic of the Pillars that Kain has restored) and in Soul Reaver 2 along the outside of Time Streaming Chamber.[1] Similar symbols are also shown around Blood Omen's Save altars and some spellcasting enemies from Defiance, notably the vampire hunter sorceresses, were able to summon a defensive 'Glyph Shield' with which to protect themselves (albeit with only four runes).[2]



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