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Lovecraft's Diary was a written language of Nosgoth, encountered in Defiance. Messages written in Lovecraft's Diary could be found throughout Defiance, particularly in the Sarafan Stronghold, Avernus Cathedral and Elder's Lair. The characters of the text were intentionally meant to look 'Alien' and consequently the inscriptions could be easily missed, resembling 'squiggles' to the untrained eye.

Lovecraft's Diary had a 26 letter alphabet that functioned similarly to Blood Script messages seen in Blood Omen and Soul Reaver 2, in that messages could simply be 'decoded' into the Latin alphabet and 'translated' into English (or French in some inscriptions). Unlike Blood Omen however, there was no decoder for Lovecraft's Diary and only the real world font (see Notes) provided the basis for translation of the symbols.


Lovecraft's Diary is a real world font (named after H.P. Lovecraft whose stories inspired the Legacy of Kain) developed by Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering. The font was spotted in pre-release pictures of Avernus Cathedral by forum member 'Lucent' and was subsequently found to be featured in various messages throughout Defiance.[1] The font is never named in-game.

Further confusing the language issues of Nosgoth, some messages in Lovecraft's Diary translate into somewhat broken French rather than English (such as the "Crime et Chatiment" - "Crime and Punishment" inscription in the Sarafan Stronghold's dungeon).[1]

Whilst most messages are simple titles or phrases with 'innocent' explanations; some inscriptions are more sinister: particularly those in Avernus. There is also a significantly larger message hidden in The Elder's Lair; it is difficult to make out with the Spectral Realm effects, but it decodes into broken French which translates as: "The Children of the terror hidden under the debris of Oblivion, all expect the beneficent breast of the Elder God, Soul, to comfort you under my wing...us"[1][2][3][4]

The origin of Lovecraft's Diary in-universe is not explained. It is featured most noticeably in the Sarafan Stronghold, which could suggest a Human origin. However, its appearance in Avernus - along with the sinister "The Book is the key to the Ultimate Knowledge" message in reference to the Dark Scripture - as well as the message in the Elder's Lair, may suggest other origins.




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