Lost seers of Avernus were a faction of secretive Humans which participated in the mid events of Soul Reaver war for Nosgoth, giving rise to the prophets class seen in Nosgoth.


The Lost Seers originated in the city of Avernus in the events of Blood Omen, as part of a group of religious Cenobites in service to Azimuth, Guardian of Dimension and matriarch of the city. When Azimuth descended into madness and summoned demons to attack the city, the Seers were appalled and fled the city taking with them what treasures they could and avoiding Azimuth's retribution. After the fall of the city, the seers remained hidden, shocked at how easily the Circle of Nine had fallen. Gradually becoming "scavengers and treasure seekers" and inspiring tales of Witches and their coven among the Humans of the era.

Scavenging relics and secrecy became the mainstays of the new organisation of prophets as they developed into the era following Blood Omen and events of Soul Reaver biding their time until they could emerge. During their scattered retirement one prophet Roxen inspired by visions developed new ballistic revolver-style weaponry that would eventually become the prophets trademark. Another vision led them to the Blood fountain in Willendorf's abandoned Provincial Mines, where the prophet Malus discovered that drinking the red blood of the fountain would turn it black, making it harmful to Vampires, but this was an unwieldy weapon, so the prophets continued research how it could be utilized properly.

As Kain's empire rose the prophets remained in secret, steadfast that in time they would be able to use the fountains against the new vampire masters of Nosgoth. Eventually, Kain abandoned his empire and this led to the enchantments around other blood fountains weakening and the prophets occupying more of the ancient sites and led the Vampires into a civil war. But as the vampires recognized the threat of the resurgent humans, the prophets realized their time was at hand and consumed the black blood of the fountains - leaving them in a state of toxic shock with tainted blood and curses to aid the other humans in the war for Nosgoth.



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