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Lore is a concept seen in Blood Omen 2 . Kain gained Lore as he killed and drank the Blood of others; making him stronger and harder to kill.[1]


Lore is seen throughout Blood Omen 2 as a purple vial next to Kain's Blood vial which filled along with it as he drank the blood of his enemies. Unlike blood however, Kain's Lore meter did not drain; when the gauge was filled, Kain would yell and glow red (in a similar manner to Raziel gaining a glyph spell in Soul Reaver ), extending his blood vial and making his attacks stronger; effectively 'levelling up'[2][3][Blood Omen 2].

Kain first learnt about Lore from Umah at the start of Blood Omen 2, when she explained about the relationship between blood and Lore in the tutorial in Welcome to Meridian.[1] Kain could also gain Lore by opening Lore coffers [4][Blood Omen 2].


  • Umah implies that Lore is a natural ability of Vampires to grow stronger as they feed more; this could be considered to be true of all vampires in Nosgoth, though it has only explicitly been applied to Kain and the post-Blood Omen era Vampires .

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