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*{{Icon-SR2}}''[[Soul Reaver 2]]''

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Template:Item Long Swords, also known as the Sarafan Swords, were a sword variant weapon that Raziel could wield in Soul Reaver 2. They were initially found in the hands of Sarafan Warrior Swordsmen.


Long swords were first encountered by Raziel as he traveled into Nosgoth's early history and met his first Sarafan enemies, with the short-range Sarafan warrior swordsmen using them as weaponsTemplate:Ref-SR2-Prima. The swords notably had a Sarafan symbol at the hilt of the blade.

Long Swords were a one-handed sword variant weapons; they were slower and more powerful compared to Claws; and were faster and less powerful compared to trident/halberd and axe variant weapons.Template:Ref-SR2-ManualTemplate:Ref-SR2-Prima[1]




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