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The Lightning Dungeon, also known as the Lightning Spell area, Lightning Spell dungeon or Bonus Section, was a 'dungeon' area in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain that housed the Lightning spell. Positioned in northeastern Nosgoth to the west of the Lake of Lost Souls and on the trail between Dark Eden and Avernus, the area was first visited by Kain in the chapter Defeat Azimuth - although the entrance was initially barred by a moon gate and required a Full moon to access.


The Lightning Dungeon was an enclosed canyon area encountered by Kain in the events of Blood Omen of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. The area was positioned in northeastern Nosgoth on the trail between Dark Eden and Avernus and could first be encountered in the chapter Defeat Azimuth as Kain headed to Avernus Cathedral to confront Dimension Guardian Azimuth. Marked by a barred moon gate portcullis doorway and Blood script signage off to the north of the trail nearby a bat beacon at the mid-point of the trail, the area was entirely optional and not initially accessible but could be returned to upon the next Full moon, allowing Kain to explore the canyons beyond.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8]

Within Kain found the area to be a barren rocky set of canyons with occasional patches of lava populated by Werewolves and with the routes through often blocked by barriers which required the use of Levers or Switches to move them or Teleporters to navigate around them. Near the end of the trail Kain could discover the Lightning spell in front of a distinctive obsidian obelisk before using teleporters to return to the beginning of the trail.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8]

Design and Layout[]

The Lightning Trail (top-right) viewed from the "Long and Winding Road"

The Lightning Dungeon was indicated simply by a barred Moon gate doorway and sign adjacent to the north of a bat beacon in a stretch of the "Long and Winding Road" overland area which led from Dark Eden to Avernus. Externally the area appeared on the map as little more than a barren area of rocky canyon beyond the gate, but the full appearance of the area would be revealed upon entry, after using the Full moon to open the gate and enter the area.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

Once inside, the trail was revealed as a labyrinthine set of branching canyons of bare earth and rock. Pools of lava were dotted around along with numerous Spiked balls, lever-operated barriers, Teleporters and distinctive Werewolf enemies. The Lightning trail consisted broadly of three map areas, although the first area was considerably more complex than the latter areas:[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

Beyond the gate the trail opened into a wide canyon branching to the left and right, with a trail to the west blocked by a barrier, necessitating the use of the eastern trail and Wolf Form to jump up the ledge to the north. This led to an open rectangular area with barriers to the north and east, with a lava pool to the south east and a lever in the north which opened the eastern barrier, allowing Kain to skirt along the top of the lava pool to an area in the far-east where two red Spiked balls patrolled along with another lever. This lever activated the northern barrier in the previous enclosure, allowing Kain to backtrack and head up the trail north to an enclosed canyon containing a lever, teleporter and a werewolf. Using the teleporter transported Kain to a different teleporter in a canyon in the northwest partially surrounded by lava and blocked by a barrier to the south - which could be opened by activating the lever in the previous area.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

The first map area

Continuing south from the teleporter, Kain would enter another roughly rectangular enclosure patrolled by two red spiked balls, with a blood beaker to the west a green indestructible menhir in the center and a lever in the east which dropped the barrier to the south, allowing further passage. As the passage led south it widened to an area with another spiked ball, a green magic sphere to the east and a strip of lava to the west, before narrowing again and turning to the east. This canyon continued eastward with two werewolves along the way and patches of lava to the south before the trail ended at a spike plant with a blood beaker behind it and a barrier to the south. A ledge to the north allowed Kain to use Wolf form to jump up to another area with a wide curving trail heading in a 'c'-shape roughly northward and passing between two green menhir, with the area patrolled by four spiked balls. At the top the trail turned eastward, passing a blood vial in the north-west corner and a werewolf along the way before the trail split - with the northern route heading into a barrier, while the other trail led southeast, passing another werewolf and leading to another lever which opened the northern trail.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

Beyond the northern barrier another couple of red spiked balls patrolled a small passage heading east to a junction. To the north a barrier blocked access to a ledge, while a trail led northeast passing a small lava patch to a small area containing a werewolf Flay artifact, Rune triangle and a blood beaker. A similar trail headed southeast passing another red spiked ball and a small lava patch to an area with a spiked plant, a werewolf, a Heart of Darkness artifact and a lever which opened the northern passage, allowing Kain to jump up the ledge in Wolf form. The trail northward opened out into a wider area with a barrier blocking much of the eastern side while the canyon extended westward, passing a werewolf before narrowing to an area with two spiked balls circling a blood beaker, with a small patch of lava at the end and an alcove leading off to the south containing a purple magic sphere and lever which opened the eastern barrier. Returning to the barrier Kain could then progress eastward, passing another pool of lava before the trail headed northward and off to the next map area.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

The second map area

The next map area consisted broadly of the trail turning eastward in a wide arc. The trail first headed northward into a roughly square shaped area with a minor lava patch in the southeast, where a werewolf attacked before Kain could use wolf form to jump up a ledge northward. This then opened out into a much wider square area with a single stack-like formation at the center and patches of lava positioned in the northeast and southwest - with werewolves at the northeast, northwest and southwest. At the northwest of this area an exit was blocked by a barrier - a blood beaker could be found in the southwest corner and the lever to open the barrier was placed between two lava pools in the northeast corner, allowing Kain to exit northward.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

The next enclosure opened into a wide rectangular area extending eastward. A large pool of water prevented further access and required Mist Form to cross, with a lantern marking each of the north and southern banks. Beyond the water a werewolf and a purple magic sphere could be found in the northwestern corner and a blood beaker in the southeastern corner, with a minor lava formation in the northeastern corner and a lever in the center which opened a barrier behind a lone werewolf to the east. Beyond the barrier was another rectangular enclosure, this time extending southward and again broken by a pool of water in the middle which was marked by lanterns and required mist to cross. On the northern bank was positioned a Flay and a werewolf along with a lava patch in the northeast corner, while on the southern bank a werewolf, flay and lever were positioned in the southwest corner - with the lever opening a barrier behind another lone werewolf to the east, and with the trail behind the barrier leading eastward to the final map area.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

The final map area

The final map area broadly consisted of a long canyon heading eastward with a number of smaller enclosures within and a final turn southward. The first area Kain emerged into was a small square which narrowed and then opened into a larger area with a number of features. Most notably was a large obsidian obelisk at the top of the area inscribed with red runic symbols atop a yellow octagonal base and a short distance in front of this, in the center of the area, was the Lightning spell card atop a floor mural depicting the same ability. The obelisk was flanked by a blood vial on the east and a blood beaker on the west, with a heart of darkness artifact in the far south of the area and a lava patch in the southwest which crossed over into the previous area - werewolves were also positioned in the northwest and southeast. In the East of the area a dead tree could be felled with the Axes to open the way to the next area - a small rectangular canyon with no less than five werewolves and a passage leading eastward to the next canyon guarded by another werewolf. The next area was largely flooded by lava with a high rocky trail leading through. Heading up the western side of the room Kain could reach a ledge to jump up to the higher path where a spiked ball patrolled - the path headed east then proceeded in a 'u'-shape to a teleporter, passing three spiked balls on the way.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]

The teleporter led to another teleporter pad in a wide open area where six werewolves attacked. In the southwest corner a blood beaker and a rune triangle were placed, with an exit in the south leading westward through a narrow passage where three spiked balls circled. Using wolf form to jump down the ledge southward, Kain would encounter a final werewolf before the trail turned east to a final canyon enclosure containing a teleporter. This transported Kain back to the first map area to a teleporter in the southeastern area sealed by barriers. A lever to the north opened the barrier to the east, allowing Kain to return to the entrance area and escape the dungeon, returning to the main trail.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen strategy guide]


Lightning Dungeon Blood script signage -
"He will come when the moon is full and learn to call death from the sky"

  • Being an optional area with no dialogue, the Lightning Dungeon is not directly named in game. Silicon Knights Blood Omen FAQ The Complete Guide To Legacy of Kain calls the dungeon the "Lightning spell area" in its section on acquiring spells.[1] and "Lightning spell dungeon" in its section dealing with Bat beacons,[2] while the sections dealing with secrets and plot simply refer to it by "Lightning spell".[3][4] Its optional and secret nature earns it its own sub-section and the title "Bonus" or "Bonus Section" in the official guide.[Blood Omen strategy guide]
  • The overland trail outside the dungeon is given the name "The Long and Winding Road" in the official guide (presumably referencing the Beatles song of the same name),[Blood Omen strategy guide] but the layout of the Lightning Dungeon as seen from the trail notably differs greatly from the view of the area from within. From outside the Lightning area appears to comprise of an uninhabited wide 'n'-shaped canyon, when crossing the threshold of the gate however this area is replaced by the full area comprising a much more detailed and feature-packed set of canyons - but with the same doorway and outer signage. No explanation is given for this change and it is unclear if this is merely a technical issue (to avoid excessive loading) or whether it was literally intended that the area was somehow disguised in game.[Blood Omen]

The unbreakable green standing stones

  • The entrance to the Lightning Dungeon is marked with a distinctive message written in Blood script. The message which translates as "He will come when the moon is full and learn to call death from the sky" foretells Kain's arrival and gaining of the Lightning spell.[Blood Omen][5][6]
  • The Lightning spell dungeon is one of the few 'dungeon' areas that is an external area and not actually an internal literal 'dungeon'. The area appears to be comprised of a series of canyons in the mountains. This apparent classification does not carry into the labeling of the files, which note only the main trail along with the main external areas under the "Map 0001" (or "M0001") designation - the rest of the Lightning trail is listed under the "Map 0032" (or "M0032") designation which comprises of the three areas of the trail, with "Sect 21" comprising the initial area, "Sect 11" comprising the wide turn and "Sect 12" comprising the final area with the obelisk and Lightning spell.[Blood Omen][7]
  • The whole of the Lightning spell area technically counts as an optional area and is even counted as a secret by the game, where it is counted as secret number "37" (in the Developers' level select). The secret iteslf is gained by activating the first lever in the dungeon.[Blood Omen][4][8]
  • Using the Developers' level select, the Lightning Dungeon can be accessed by using two different entries. Firstly the area can be accessed under the chapter shortcuts using the "OL6" designation which relates to Dark Eden, the chapter Threaten the Circle and nearby areas; where the "LTNG" heading leads to the Lightning area. In addition the area can be accessed using the "SECR" designation relating to Secrets, where the "37" entry leads to the first lever inside the area.[Blood Omen][8]
  • Silicon Knights Silicon Knights' Blood Omen FAQ|Blood Omen FAQ The Complete Guide To Legacy of Kain uses a screenshot of the Lightning area in the section on Dark Eden in its plot section, presumably this is an error due to the similar environment of both areas.[3]
  • The Lightning Dungeon features a unique set of Standing stones - they share the design of those usually broken by the Spiked Mace, however these are colored green and are unbreakable.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/8]
  • The Lightning Dungeon is notable for the large volume of Werewolf enemies in the area - an enemy that is otherwise only seen in appreciable numbers in the similarly secret Lost City. For both areas it is unclear if the Werewolf presence is indicative of a werewolf origin, or simply that the their nocturnal and Full moon associated nature meant they were likely to have happened upon the areas after breaching the relevant Moon gates.[Blood Omen][9]


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