Light Bomb is a primary ability in Nosgoth, wielded by human Alchemists (the red sisters of Anarcrothe), and purchased from the store. If equipped, Light Bomb replaces its counterpart, the blinding Sunlight Vial, which is included as the default primary ability in alchemist loadouts.

Light Bombs are traditional damage-dealing projectiles. They can be thrown at long or short range, and inflict harm to enemies in an immediate burst, spread over a moderate radius, upon impact.


"Hurl an explosive to trigger a powerful burst of light that wounds vampires instead of blinding them."
―Light Bomb description[src]
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Damage: 350 points
  • Radius: 500 units
  • Appearances: Nosgoth (icon) Nosgoth


Light Bomb can be thrown at a distance and unlike the Sunlight Vial, it doesn´t blind the enemies, and does small amount of damage instead.



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