Liches are floating, humanoid entities with a demonic headdress that boasts a set of long horns. They have ribs that stick free and about their bodies like armor, a long robe that is adorned at the hip, hanging down from their airborne bodies. It's unclear if they wear any sort of armor or flamboyant robes and shoulder pads.


An early render of a Lich

Much like gypsies and knife-throwering brigands, liches are dangerous at a distance with varying abilities.

Red liches - will send a bolt of energy at Kain that explodes on impact with substancial kickback. This is incredibly dangerous when you are in a room with melee enemies or near environmental hazards. These liches have blue blood that will refill magic if you manage to feed from them.

Black liches - will summon shadows that pursue Kain about the room until its destruction. They do not send explosive bolts after him. They have toxic green blood that will poison Kain and cause him to gradually lose health.

Formidable foes, they take three blasts of an energy bolt or up to seven swings of a sword to kill. The mace does not stun them and are henceforth is useless against them. The best stragedy is keeping a distance and staying out of the range of these beats and striking them down with either energy bolt or using homing flaying magic.




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