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"This key will open your way to Avernus. But be advised, there are dark sorceries at work in the cathedral. You must be on your guard."

The Library Seal was an item used by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance The item was given to Raziel by Vorador in Vorador's Mansion in the chapter Find Vorador and it ultimately unlocked the Library vista doors - opening the way to Avernus where Raziel could explore to find the fate of the Heart of Darkness.


The Library Seal is an artifact briefly gained by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance in the chapter Find Vorador as he explored Vorador's Mansion in the events of Blood Omen and began to make his way to Avernus.[Defiance][Defiance/8][Defiance strategy guide]

Exploring Vorador's Mansion through the course of the chapter and seeking three distinctive spears to open the way to the Water Forge, Raziel had discovered the Library and a unique lock sealing the far doors of the library, but had been unable to open them.[Defiance][Defiance/8][Defiance strategy guide]

Eventually finding the three spears and opening access to the forge, Raziel recovered the Water Reaver within and using its attributes he was able to open the crypt in the garden of the mansion where he found Vorador himself apparently awaiting the arrival of Moebius's vampire hunters. After revealing that the body of Janos Audron was within the crypt and could be revived by the recovery of the Heart of Darkness Vorador directed Raziel to its last known location in Avernus and directed him to the vista in the Library of the Mansion, providing him with the Library Seal to open the way.[Defiance][Defiance/8][Defiance strategy guide]

The Library Seal itself was a metallic circular disc with one face engraved with a design which featured a crow looking to the left while a dragon looked to the right behind it with its tail rising into a curve on the right side of the image. The reverse of the artifact was blank, presenting a plain metallic disc.[Defiance][Defiance/8]

Entering the Library and using the seal on the vista doorway, Raziel was met by Vorador for the last time who told Raziel that Avernus was burning and warned him of an ancient evil in the city long Unspoken among Vampires.[Defiance][Defiance/8][Defiance strategy guide]

Raziel soon departed for Avernus but the doorway and seal could be glimpsed again on Raziel's return in Battle Kain.[Defiance][Defiance/8][Defiance/12]



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