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Baziel Baziel 2 April

Soul Reaver 2 beta and the post 2020 world

Well It's been an interesting year to say the least and as things are slowly starting to return to normal I thought it was about time to restart some of the round up blogs and cover some of the stuff that has happened since the Soul Reaver 1 alpha this time last year

By far the most interesting news of late is the unexpected discovery of a Soul Reaver 2 beta version that contains numerous cut content additions. This was dropped a couple of weeks ago thanks to the public reveal of 'Project Deluge' - a vast cache of gaming prototypes exposed by 'Hidden Palace' thanks to an anonymous contributor...We're told the project is ongoing so there remains the possibility that there may be more to come if other prototypes are discovered.

We're working on various means of covering what was uncovered and these will make it into the site in time, but for now the biggest news to take away are the presence of the Female vampire and her companions in the game with their cutscenes intact. As with previous…

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Soul Reaver 2 concept art of Moebius's staff

Moebius's Staff, also referred to as the scepter, was a powerful staff wielded by Moebius the Time Streamer, the long-lived Guardian of the Pillar of Time. Although functional as an ornate walking stick, its true potency lay in the giant pearl which served as its headpiece; this ancient orb was capable of afflicting any vampire with debilitating pain, rendering them helpless. Using this incredible advantage over his enemies, Moebius was able to orchestrate the human revolt and the crusades of his mercenary army with extreme efficacy, devastating the vampire race.

Featured image

Concept art of a discarded Groundling attack

Concept art by artist Daniel Cabuco depicting a discarded attack for the Groundlings of Soul Reaver 2. The artwork depicts the Groundlings swarming over Raziel and 'ganging up' to immobilise him in preparation for a fire attack from the parent Fire Demon. The attack never made it beyond the concept phase and in the final game the small demons are incredibly rare - only able to spawn in a few locations and never more than one individual at a time. Early builds did allow more Groundlings to spawn but the special attack itself was not present.

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Soul Reaver Alpha - Necropolis


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