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Baziel Baziel 12 May

Soul Reaver Alpha and extensive cut content updates

It's time once again for a mystery bombshell to drop from the heavens and blow open the Legacy of Kain Fandom. In the same vein as our previous expose on the Blood Omen alpha and Soul Reaver movie room updates from last year, this promises to be the single largest outpouring of cut content in the series history. As Ben Lincoln of The Lost Worlds once eloquently put it: “Every great story is pared down from a larger concept. The reasons vary, but the result is the same - a catalogue of the things that might have been.”

Infamously Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver had its final third cut as time pressures meant swathes of content was left on the cutting room floor – believed to be lost forever. For years a group of fans have been striving to recover and illuminate as much as we can about those darkened and long forgotten corners. Now the time has come for us to unveil our biggest find - the holy grail of cut Legacy of Kain cut content. In partnership with Aesir Hod, Kevin Chatmajo, The Lost Worl…

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Featured article

Raziel's clan territory in Soul Reaver

Raziel's Clan Territory was an area of Nosgoth seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver that was home to the stronghold of Raziel and the Razielim clan in Kain's empire. After Raziel's execution and return as a wraith he traveled to the territory and found his clan no longer is residence - which fueled his suspicion that they had been wiped out by Kain. The territory served as one of the earliest levels of the game and an early hub area - connecting to the Necropolis, Drowned Abbey and Abyss/Sanctuary of the Clans. It was also home to several collectibles that could be gained through backtracking with later abilities.

Featured image

A Legacy of Kain: Defiance forge concept

Concept art for Legacy of Kain: Defiance by artist Kory Heinzen depicting an early design for the forges of that game. In contrast to the large unique forges of Soul Reaver 2, Defiance used much smaller forges with similar layouts and many recurring elements. The artwork showcases the basic design elements and layout that would go on to be used in all of the forges in Defiance - with a circular chamber, domed roof, second tier balcony, ruined doorways, mural artwork and prominent soul conduit on a central plinth. Notably in the final game more Guadi-esque designs were added to fit in with the theming of the Vampire Citadel.

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Soul Reaver Alpha - Miscellaneous


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