Between 1996 and 1997, president Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights posted at Usenet's group, primarily discussing the then-recently released Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain with users and fans. Google later incorporated the Usenet archives into their Google Groups service. Dyack's posts are also archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki, with their original URLs and other context-dependent user posts included, for historical purposes and posterity's sake.

Please note that all quotations are transcribed verbatim without any independent spelling or grammar correction. All wikilinks, however, have been applied to the original text by the Legacy of Kain Wiki, to add extra context and help facilitate additional research on the reader's part.

Denis Dyack's Usenet posts[edit source]

11/6/96 – Legacy of Kain - Nov.11?[edit source]

"Does anyone know if this is still the correct release date for Legacy of Kain? Thanks in advance."
―—Owen Beattie
"So far so good."
―—Denis Dyack

11/14/96 – Legacy of Kain[edit source]

"I believe this is an American game only like the rest of Crystal Dynamics games"
―—Shayne A.
"There is game is North American. It was originally conceived 3 years ago by Silicon Knights. Check out our web site for more info:
―—Denis Dyack
"The above caption has been corrected. Sorry for poor typing skills."
―—Denis Dyack

Legacy of Kain !!![edit source]

10/30/96[edit source]

"Hey Everyone...
"I'm dying to play a killer PSX role playing game. I heard that Beyond the Beyond was kinda lame. How about Legacy of Kain? Has anyone played it? Is it worth the money? It concerns me cuz it's by Crystal Dynamics (not exactly Squaresoft, huh?). The plot sounds pretty interesting though...
"Thanks VERY much in advance. Please email me at [].
"Sometimes I work too late and cannot keep up with the newsgroups. Thanks."
―—Double J !!!
"You do not have to worry about that! Kain was externally conceived and developed at Silicon Knights. We were creating games before Crystal was a company. Check out our web page at, I think you will like our track record."
―—Denis Dyack

11/2/96[edit source]

"Ok...I've heard a lot about this game....does anyone know where i can find some screens shot or a preview.....thanks in advance...."
―—Tim Nguyen
―—Carlos A. Fernandez
"Also try
"Silicon Knights conceived and made the game. We also have a great deal of things on it - which will be continually updated.
"Also try Activision's web site."
―—Denis Dyack

11/2/96[edit source]

"Never mind Legacy of Kain...check out Tecmos Deception...way cool fun! Keep ya busy for hours on end and never lets ya down!"
"Tecmos Deception is too much like Kings Field... I prefer overhead RPGS over the "eye veiw" action RPGS anyways. Plus LOK (if crystal dynamics doesnt fuck up) could be killer with innovation! think of controlling a vampire.. and surviving on sucking peoples Blood. I think it will be pretty fun and if all the hype is true, im their 1st day at Kay bee to pick this up this killer (no pun intended) title."
―—Chad Thomas Gurney
"Do worry about Crystal "fucking up". Crystal did not make Kain. Silicon Knights did. The concept, story and content were created and externally developed at Silicon Knights. We are located in Canada - 3000 miles from Crystal. I hope this a bit."
―—Denis Dyack
"the last line should have read:
"I hope this helps a bit."
―—Denis Dyack

HEY DENIS DYACK![edit source]

3/31/97 – Legacy of Kain help needed![edit source]

"Hi, I'm having some real trouble in Legacy of Kain, and am about to give up on the game (which is a real shame since I was enjoying it so much).
"There are two doors I can't get through in Volador's Mansion. One os a secret door and thew other is a must-get-through-to-finish-dungeon door.
"I'll describe the area.
"After the chequred room that is filled with Orange and Black Wraiths (and a magic or blood upgrade) you go right into a smaller red room which is part of the same "map".
"Go up/north and there is a small red room with a door to the left. 4 Blobs to kill, then the door opens. Through there is a room with a heavily spiked floor and three "gypsy" vampires who throw knives.
"On this map, in the top left is a secret (curtains) door that I can't find the trigger for. I've been through the other three I've found up to this point. I can see the secret room on the R2 map.
"Directly south/down from the secret door is a regular door that leads to a large collection of chambers (looks like 4). You're put on a walkway with 2 blobs and a magic refill. I can't get through this door or off the platform at all, I've tried all forms, wandering around, etc.
"I have no idea on what to do here, so if you guys can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. I prefer email since I can't a;ways check the group.."
―—John Rocco Roda
"Do you have the mind control spell. You need this to get through here. To find out more about this check out our web site. It should have all you need."
―—Denis Dyack

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