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... Barlow had become frustrated by that process during his work on the Silent Hill series and the unreleased Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. He would spend days with the cast in leotards and makeup on set, only to then go away and wait for the data to be turned into something useable in the engine. “You’d have animators spend a couple of weeks tweaking things and then saying, ‘Oh, actually the facial rig doesn’t allow us to do a quirky smile like that,’” he remembers.

It was during Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun that Barlow and Seifert met, working together intermittently for a year before the game’s cancellation. She says of that time: “I could sense his frustration when it came to the motion capture. There would be electricity in the room when we nailed a scene, and I could tell it was going to be quite frustrating to recreate that.” The answer was clearly not more mo-cap. Having had the initial idea for Her Story, it percolated in Barlow’s brain for a while before the solution to just use video arrived. ...

―Tim Clark[1]

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  1. The story behind Her Story at PC Gamer (by Tim Clark)

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