Archive TGL Interview: Naughty Dog's Richard Lemarchand talks Uncharted 3 at The Gaming Liberty

  • By Shane Willoughby, Richard Lemarchand, and The Gaming Liberty
  • Oct 2nd 2011 at 3:26 pm (IST)


... TGL: Can we ask you about another fantastic franchise that you are synonymous with? You were involved with the Legacy of Kain franchise for many years and worked on both Soul Reaver games and Defiance. Has you work on LOK influenced what you do at Naughty Dog and do you think there’s anything to be said for a return to the LOK franchise?

RL: Well, as you might know, Amy Hennig, the creative director at Naughty Dog and I worked together on the Soul Reaver series. She invited me onto the team when I was a younger game designer. We had an amazing time working on those games. I think we both learned a tremendous amount about working with making action games and storytelling games from those games. I dare say we both cut our teeth on Soul Reaver. It was an amazing series and I really love the Soul Reaver games to this day. I would love to see them come back at some point. ...

―Shane Willoughby[1]



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