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Yo Chris@Crystal, about the BO2 screensaver.[edit source]

I've asked about this and the only answer I received is it will be uploaded to the web site when it is done. I'll try to bother the team about this further, I'm not sure what the hold-up is.
Crystal Dynamics
―Chris@Crystal, 8th Jul 2002, 18:50[1]

Cynyc[edit source]

LoK Soundtracks - Your favorite?[edit source]

thanks for all the love.

As for the notion that we should use licensed music from mainstream artists, wel... doesn't that miss the point. The music should be integrated into the game in exactly the same way that original scores are a fundamental part of most good serious films.

Of course, that'll all change when our super secret new project Legacy of Kain: Dance Dance Revolution comes out. Or not.
―Cynyc, 1st Jul 2003, 01:23[2]
dang, it looks like the LOK soundtrack section of is no longer up. I'm still waiting to here back from the webmaster, but we may have to find a new permanant home. It'd be nice to just host it here at, but we'll see what happens.
―Cynyc, 11th Jul 2003, 00:42[3]

Defiance interview with senior game designer at C.D.[edit source]


So far, Jim is doing the game music for Defiance. I might contribute music, if needed at the end. Kurt is most likely going to be busy handling the music for Whiplash. I'm working on sound effects for Defiance at this very moment and on Whiplash down the road a little. I am working on game music, but that's all I'll say right now.

Also, I'll be finishing up some new Cynyc material and an EP for my band Stalking Tom later this summer. I'll throw out some mp3s when they're ready.
―Cynyc, 1st Jul 2003, 01:45[4]
thank ya kindly.
―Cynyc, 1st Jul 2003, 01:51[5]
Kurt will probably be doing at least a little of it, but Jim's pretty damn good. I wouldn't worry too much.
―Cynyc, 2nd Jul 2003, 00:02[6]

Happy Birthday Mike Peaslee![edit source]

thank you!!

Y'all make me a happy boy!

―Cynyc, 4th Jul 2003, 01:30[7]

DCabuco[edit source]

Daniel Cabuco's artwork[edit source]

Erm, technically it is Raziel's Clan symbol. Only the Lieutenants themselves had the reflected double-symbol. :P That's the way they were meant to work, and how you know a boss' area from the general clan area.

-DC :wave:

―DCabuco, 13th Sep 2010, 23:22[8]
Hello mister Cabuco. Please excuse my suspiciousness (from my experience I can say that this is actually a very useful trait ;)) – I know that you already have an account on these forums (from 2002). May I ask why you are not using that one?
I tied that account to my Crystal D email. Since I don't work there anymore, and I forgot my pw some time ago, I just made a new one. Dunno how to prove to you that I'm me.. um.. post a drawing? lol

As for the square, I just forgot to paint it. :P It was just a quickie anyway.

And talent is simply matter of practice and hard work. I have this whole theory about observational awareness and physical ability guiding how someone gets better at art. (or anything)
I'm glad to see all the renewed interest in LOK, and that people still dig it. :)
―DCabuco, 14th Sep 2010, 22:52[9]

French ending of Defiance[edit source]

Hate to break it to you, but that's not the music from the French version. That's the soundtrack from Mission: Impossible 2. ( I listen to it a lot when I draw) I think the Poster added that soundtrack to it. Though it does fit nicely. :)
―DCabuco, 15th Sep 2010, 06:44[10]

KainPainter[edit source]

Monkeythumbz[edit source]

This official FAQ is comprised of questions and answers exchanged between Crystal Dynamics test manager Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno and the Legacy of Kain fan community on the Eidos Forums, prior to July 2002. When the Eidos Forums were revamped, losing their original content, Legacy of Kain fan Divine Shadow collected Bruno's posts and archived them at the new Forums. The FAQ is archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki for historical purposes and posterity's sake.

Please note that all wikilinks have been applied to the original text by the Legacy of Kain Wiki, to add extra context and help facilitate additional research on the reader's part.

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Icon-Eidos.png Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits (by Divine Shadow), 06-28-2002, 07:02 PM

Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits[edit source]

"Since all the old posts and threads are going to be deleted, I felt the need to chronicle some of the questions and answers that have, over the years, been divulged by everyone's favourite undead Lead-Playtester. I do this to preserve the information before it is deleted forever, and to create something that newer members can consult before asking already-asked questions to the Butterfly Lord. Without further ado, here are Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits...."
―—Divine Shadow

Regarding the Statue near the Elder in SR2[edit source]

"For quite some time Ive [sic] been wondering what exactly the large structure is in the Ruins that is in the giant room down there where the air and dark fonts are located. There is also a fire font in this room very high up on a ledge. SOmetimes [sic] the room is filled with water, sometimes its not [sic].
"So what exactly is the thing in the middle of the room? With the air vent in front of it you use to fly on top of it?
"Is it some type of coffin, or crypt?
"Is it the elder ones armor [sic] or something?
"Is it some kind of altar?
"Let me know what it is, please! Its drivin [sic] me crazy!"
"I always thought it was a statue of the Elder also, but I'll check with the team. I'll get back to you soon."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno
"Hi again,
"Amy told me it's simply a statue, a symbolic representation of the Elder God fashioned by an ancient, primitive cult."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno

LOK Merchandise[edit source]

"Hi Chris.
"I believe this has been asked before, but are there any plans to release more LoK merch when - for example - BO2 is released? Obviously something like a life-sized Reaver is a little unrealistic, but I'd totally be interested in buying posters, or like a patch with the Kain symbol on it, and other people here have mentioned being interested in LoK t-shirts so we can basically like advertise the series as we go about our business during the day :)."
"More LOK and SR merchandise sounds like a great thing to me, I will pass on your requests. As far as the list:
"- T-shirts
"Only SR2 t-shirts were made special for the team.
"- Patches (game logos? clan symbol patches? If I could get patches of all the clan symbols I'd totally cover my backpack with them)
"I've never seen any patches. Sounds like a good idea though.
"- Posters
"I've got a few SR1 posters, but they were promotional only for retail stores. We also have some SR2 banners hanging up here at Crystal.
"- "a 6ft. robotic Raziel that actually eats your soul."
"We actually have a 6 ft. Raziel here in the building and his eyes light up. Haven't seen him consume any souls yet. I do not believe these will ever be for sale.
"- a life-sized Reaver replica (bonus if it actually makes you invincible and/or able to alter the course of history)
"This sounds really neat, but I have yet to see one.
"There also have been SR watches in the past, statues, and of course figures. If I hear of anything going up for sale, I'll post the info here."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno

A Soul Reaver 1 Remake?[edit source]

"please could you talk to your team and see if they can make a remake of soul reaver1 on ps2 with better graphics more enemies more secret glyph magic and energy power ups, more secret locations, and ariel reaver but keep same fighting engine as on sr1 and also make turel the vampire also so we can fight him and also keep the same great music on sr1, pleeeeaaase consider this, and also if kain was supposed to be killed by raz why wasnt the pillars restored in the future,( not meaning in sr2) [sic]"
"Hey there,
"I understand why many of you long for another version of SR1, but we need to move forwards not backwards. I will pass on your requests to the team, but I do not think we will be going back to re-do SR1. The team is starting work on SR3 and that should keep them pretty busy for a while."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno

Who were the three Circle members who survived? When did Malek become Circle-ised?[edit source]

Soul Reaver 1 Beta Version: Can we have it please?[edit source]

Makin' a Soul Reaver game: How long does it take then?[edit source]

Flower Chris and Malek's Damnation[edit source]

One-Hundred-Percent Pure Hash'ak'gik.[edit source]

Sarafan and Seraphim. Who can't spell?[edit source]

Pondering the Preistess[edit source]

So Chris, What Do You Do Then?[edit source]

Can I make a Soul Reaver please?[edit source]

Font Fun.[edit source]

Soul Reaver III[edit source]

Qualifications Question[edit source]

BO1: Werewolves or Vampires in Wolf-Form?[edit source]

Who writes what scripts?[edit source]

Three Varied Questions[edit source]

Altered Timeline or not? After SR2 or BO1?[edit source]

Resurrecting Blood Omen 1?[edit source]

Blood Omen 1 and Blood Omen 2[edit source]

Human Raziel's Age When He Got What Was Coming To Him?[edit source]

Seer: Hylden Or Something Else?[edit source]

Legacy of Kain: The Movie?[edit source]

Moebius and his Shotgun?[edit source]

What do YOU want to happen then Chris?[edit source]

Bo1 Vorador and Bo2 Vorador differences[edit source]

Blood Omen 3 on the cards?[edit source]

SR1: "What ARE these creatures?"[edit source]

Silenced Cathedral in SR1 Intro Sequence?[edit source]

More SR1 Cut Questions[edit source]

"And there we go."
―—Divine Shadow

Attribution[edit source]

With thanks to Divine Shadow, Chris Bruno, and all other aforementioned Eidos Forums contributors.

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This official FAQ was conducted between Eidos Forums member Shadow Man and Legacy of Kain team members Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández, through proxy of Crystal Dynamics test manager Chris Bruno, in 2004. It is archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki for historical purposes and posterity's sake.

Please note that all wikilinks have been applied to the original text by the Legacy of Kain Wiki, to add extra context and help facilitate additional research on the reader's part.

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Icon-Eidos.png Answers to questions from the Defiance team (by Chris@Crystal), 05-04-2004, 10:06 AM

Answers to questions from the Defiance team[edit source]

"Hey everyone,
"A while back Shadow Man posted a bunch of questions about LOK and I had passed them on to the team. Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernandez final got a chance to answer them, hope they are insightful. Thanks Jen and Kyle! :)"
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno
"1. Is the first BO1 timestreaming device the one that was used to bring Turel back, Kain said something like, 'So she could bring creatures from other eras and dimensions'"
―—Shadow Man
"Since Azimuth was the Dimension Guardian she could not pull creatures from other times only from other places or dimensions. Through the use of the Chronoplast she possessed Azimuth pulled Turel from the future back to the bowels of Avernus Cathedral."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"2. Why do the Defiance Demons have no souls, or is it just me?"
―—Shadow Man
"Demons have no souls in Defiance for gameplay reasons, not for fictional ones."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"3. When Raziel tears out Kain's heart where does he go?"
―—Shadow Man
"When Raziel tears Kain's heart out, the blast of energy from Raziel is so strong that it blasts Kain through barrier that separates the different dimensions and into the Demon Realm. This is possible due to the corruption of the pillars which weakens the planar boundaries and the Hylden's prison."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"4. Could you explain how Raziel is both heroes, just so I'm sure(I think I get it, but just to make sure)"
―—Shadow Man
"Raziel's prophesized arrival is interpreted differently by the Hylden and Vampires, because of their different points of view. In Amy's words, "As the Hylden champion, he destroys the Vampire messiah with his fiery sword (the Reaver) by sacrificing himself. And as the Vampire hero, he vanquishes the Hylden savior, by obliterating him(self) with the Reaver." As the Hylden champion, he is able to bring about their "release" (in a sense) by bringing Janos back to life. As the Vampire Messiah, he purifies the Scion of Balance insuring that the pillars are once more in the possession of the Vampires. His ability to fulfill both prophesizes is because he alone possess free will and was able to make those choices."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"5. Why did Raziel purify the future Kain, instead of going back a few minutes through time, before Kain refused the pillars and after he killed Hash, wouldn't that have fixed everything?"
―—Shadow Man
"This goes back to our belief in the constant view that you cannot change history 'because you didn't' as shown in 12 Monkeys. If we run through the events you can see that purifying past Kain rather than Future Kain would have added a extremely fatal paradox into the time stream that would probably have expulsed Raziel all together if he tried to enact it by crossing two Soul Reavers. If past Kain is purified than the purification of the Pillars themselves would have changed the course of history most certainly eliminating all the events that led up to the remaking of Raziel all together. If that event does not happen then all the events that led Raziel to eventually purify BO1 Kain would never have happened thus making the purification itself a paradox. A change of this magnitude would probably, as stated in SR2, just expunge the irritant completely from history thus in the end ruining all of Kain and Raziel's efforts. Therefore only future Kain can be restored."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"6. Why do the Dark and Light forges have no souls aligned to the, and how do they charge between when Kain goes there and when Raziel does?"
―—Shadow Man
"Dark and Light are Elemental Forges without direct Principles to govern them so they have no Guardians which to provide souls. The other Elemental Forges such as Fire (Conflict and Nature), Water (Death and States), Earth (Energy and Time), and Air (Mind and Dimension) all are presided over by their original Vampire Guardians. Since the Elemental Forges were created for Raziel they do not activate for Kain."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"7. Why do the shades charge up the wraith blade, I thought they had no soul?"
―—Shadow Man
"They themselves do not have souls, but the Shades are formed by the fragments of half-devoured souls that cannot find their rest. Over time building themselves up enough form to coalesce into a Shade. Thus, even though they have no souls their form itself was once made from them."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"8. How can the wraith blade be sucked into the Blood Reaver with Raziel's soul, wouldn't that mean that there are two souls in there? "
―—Shadow Man
"The purified wraith blade that Raziel possesses is not drained into the Soul Reaver along with Raziel. In order for Kain to become purified by the wraith blade that contains the purity, the wraith blade must be dispersed or released from its imprisonment into Kain. Thus in that one single moment Raziel is simultaneously trapping himself within the Reaver but as well finally freeing himself from thousands of years of torment."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"9. Why is the demons' blood red in defiance and BO2?"
―—Shadow Man
"There are many different forms, shapes and types of Demon. They all do not have the same color blood."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"10. Is Turel mad because of his imprisonment, or because of his gift from Kain?"
―—Shadow Man
"Turel is mad from both his long imprisonment in the bottom of the Pit and the reoccurring possession of his mind by multiple Hylden as they use his voice as a vehicle to command his worshipers."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"11. Why after the change in the BO1 timeline does Kain remember his normal past, when in SR2 Raziel says that he can see new memories forming behind Kain's eyes and old ones dying?"
―—Shadow Man
"When we say here that the old memories are dying it is not that they are being erased from Kain's memory but instead being shuffled aside by the newer memories that reflect the altered course of history. Therefore he is not forgetting them he instead is holding in his mind two sets of parallel histories, one which is 'dead' and the other which is new and altered. This happens in BO1 but it is not directly mentioned by Kain."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"12. This may sound stupid but is LOK influenced in anyway by 'Conan The Barbarian', in BO1 his daughter has been taken from him, like in Conan, and the woman in Conan is very like the Sarafan women in BO2?"
―—Shadow Man
"No, Conan the Barbarian did not have any influence upon the LoK series."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"13. In SR1 vampires couldn't be killed by flesh deep attacks, how can Kain?"
―—Shadow Man
"Kain is never actually killed. When he has sustained great physical damage, Kain takes the form of bats and escapes so he may rest and recover his health."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"14. Did Kain absorb his armor to give that design on his chest, like Vorador and his beard, and Zephon with the Cathedral?"
―—Shadow Man
"No, Kain did not absorb his armor. The 'designs' upon his chest are merely the thousands of years of vampiric unlife and slow evolution showing upon his body making it more hard, rigid and scaly."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"15. Are those vampire wraiths in Defiance(The Archons)?"
―—Shadow Man
"No, the Vampire Wraiths and Archons are not the same creature though they do both devour souls. One of the larger differences between them is that Archons are agents of the Elder God while Vampire Wraiths are merely unfettered malicious spirits."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"16. The concept art shows Raziel under the stronghold, was this originally meant to be playable, before it was decided to place Raziel where he starts?"
―—Shadow Man
"Both characters were originally going to start in Stronghold, but that idea changed very early on in production."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"17. The priest in Avernus are wearing what looks like copies of the death mask, if they are in Nupraptor's retreat in Bo1, does it mean that Mortanius and Nupraptor are allies, is it a conspiracy in the Circle, with Azimuth?"
―—Shadow Man
"There was no conspiracy between Nupraptor and Mortanius and Azimuth."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"18. Why are there 12 concept guardian spirits?"
―—Shadow Man
"The 12 head concepts included were all explorations on the head dresses of the Vampire Guardians. As with all concept drawings many are done but only a select few make it into the game. Our art director picked the 8 which he felt were most appropriate for the look and style they were trying to achieve."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"19. What about the last 2 chronoplasts in SR1? Do they mean Raziel is still alive, or going to be, and when Ariel says 'You must unite what has been set asunder does she mean just put the wraith blade back in the Blood Reaver, and not Raziel(That it's not Raziel's soul anymore)? I know that I could be grasping at straw, but it looked like his soul was swept away,(he went blue, but that could be his soul being sucked in, I don't know)so is really in there?"
―—Shadow Man
"Some of the chronoplast visions Raziel sees in SR1 are alternate futures or possibilities of things that could have been, or illusions created by Moebius to steer Raziel off course. Ariel's reference to uniting what has been set asunder refers to many aspects of Raziel's cyclic destiny, the loop of the Reaver and his own soul, the purification of the pillars, Kain's reclaiming of his Guardian status, etc."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"20. If the Hylden are exempt from the wheel, do they have free will, like Raziel, Kain and the Elder God? And can the be seen through time or not?"
―—Shadow Man
"They are exempt from the Elder God's wheel of life due to their dislocation in a different dimension but not from the rules of fate and predetermined events that Raziel has been freed from with his remaking into the world. With their technological advancement it is very probable that they can glimpse at future events."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"21. Does Raziel really feed the Elder God when he sucks souls?"
―—Shadow Man
"When Raziel has a symbiotic connection with the Elder God, every soul that he devours returns that soul to the Elder God allowing him to re-spin that soul into the wheel of life."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"22. How can Raziel now climb walls in Spectral?"
―—Shadow Man
"This is a new ability that Raziel has learned over time, there is no actual in-game explanation given for this ability as it is a fairly minor addition."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"23. How have 500 years gone by for Raziel, I thought time didn't go by in Spectral?"
―—Shadow Man
"Though when moving from Material to Spectral Planes it appears that time has stopped, time does still travel just in a much different way than in the Material realm."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"24. Does something happen Kain's death scar when he is healed, or is just me?"
―—Shadow Man
"When Kain is purified by Raziel's sacrifice it heals the scar upon his chest. This is a visual representation of the physical and spiritual healing and purity that Raziel confers."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández
"25. Why can't Kain swim, Rahab could and he was still alive when Raziel found him?"
―—Shadow Man
"As seen in BO2 and SR1 different vampires develop different gifts. One of Rahab's gifts/mutations was immunity to water but weakness to sunlight. Kain on the other hand kept his weakness to immersion in water and developed other gifts. It is of note that he is immune to rain and snow because of the blood fountains he encountered in Blood Omen 1."
―—Kyle Mannerberg and Jennifer Fernández

Attribution[edit source]

With thanks to Shadow Man, Kyle Mannerberg, Jennifer Fernández, and Chris Bruno.

See also[edit source]

Between 2002 and 2009, Chris Bruno, the test manager of Crystal Dynamics, interacted with the Legacy of Kain community at the Eidos Forums under the username Chris@Crystal, and posted official information on various topics. A select range of these posts with potential long-term relevance to the Legacy of Kain series are archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki, with context and their original URLs included, for posterity's sake.


Eidos Forums profile[edit source]

Date of Birth: March 13, 1972
Join Date: 06-14-2002
―—Chris Bruno

2002[edit source]

07-23-2002, 11:23 PM – Blood Omen 2 coming to GameCube[edit source]

San Francisco, CA (July 23, 2002) – Eidos Interactive, a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced that Blood Omen 2 is scheduled for release on the Nintendo GameCube this Fall. Currently in development by Crystal Dynamics, creators of the Soul Reaver franchise, the game’s release marks the first time a video game from the Legacy of Kain series will be available on a Nintendo platform. Blood Omen 2 is a story-driven, combat action game that centers on the fallen vampire Kain and his quest to reclaim rule over the ancient city of Nosgoth.
"“We are excited to bring video gaming’s most infamous villain – Kain - to the GameCube in Crystal Dynamics’ Blood Omen 2,” says Sean Amann, Marketing Director for Eidos Interactive. “With an emphasis on storyline, puzzle-solving and deadly combat, Blood Omen 2 for GameCube promises to be one of the few dark thrillers available for the system to date.”
"Blood Omen 2 centers on the horrifying vampire Kain, who awakens after a 400-year slumber in a very weakened state. Nearly killed in the wars raged by his vampire armies, Kain must now work to overthrow the opposing Sarafan order to reclaim his rule.
"Gameplay in Blood Omen 2 is uniquely combat-based in terms of both attack and defensive blocking maneuvers. The player will engage in battle with armies of demons and soldiers in incredibly realistic combat maneuvers. Kain has over ten deadly weapons at his disposal for enemy attack, each with its own unique animations and spine-tingling finishing moves.
"In addition to the wealth of combat in Blood Omen 2, stealth also plays an important role in Kain’s progression through the game. The more the player utilizes stealth to get through situations, the longer the characters in the world won’t realize Kain is a vampire, making the path to completion somewhat easier. Nothing is straightforward though; there are characters and special devices built into the environment that can detect Kain even when he’s being stealthy."
―—Chris Bruno[11]

07-31-2002, 10:47 PM – Vampires on SR1 title screen.[edit source]

"Remember the vampires on the menu screen of SR1, the hooded people? Well, I've been looking at that for years now, and I still can't figure out who or exactly what they are.
"There are 8, and one of them looks like Raziel, in prefallen form.
"I don't know if the screen has any real significance, but it looks very intriguing. Does anybody have an idea?"
"Hey all,
"I asked the Lead Artist, Daniel Cabuco, about this and here is what he had to say:
If you look carefully, each one is a representation of the Clan Brothers, with Kain in the middle. One morphs and his lower jaw is darkened, and he represents Raziel. The middle guy represents Kain, and the others I think are (starting from Raz clockwize) Melchiah, Zephon, Turel, Dumah, and Rahab. They were an abstract representation of the dark path the once Sarafan Brothers walk, and their descent into vampirism. So the faces are not literally them, just symbols of their fallen nature. Hence the reason they look so sad. ;)
"So there you have it!"
―—Chris Bruno[12]

2003[edit source]

2004[edit source]

2005[edit source]

2008[edit source]

We should be mailing the guy who has the power to give the green light[edit source]

"You know, one of the greedy higher ups way at the top who lights his cigars with wads of cash and extinguishes them with the tears of children, all the while cackling as he throws nickels at his personal singing hobo
"this is the snail mail
"Crystal Dynamics
"Attention: LOK Series Producer
"64 Willow Place
"Menlo Park, Ca
"I've written to these guys before but thinking about it, it seems counter-intuitive to write to the developers. They probably want to make it as much the fans. So what do you think? Wouldn't it make more sense to talk to the guys who tell the developers what to do? The ones who give the green light?
"We need names people. Fight the powa"

01-24-2008, 07:45 PM[edit source]

"Hey there everyone,
"We love getting letters here at Crystal Dynamics from LOK fans. I would say the more letters you send us the better. We have not forgotten about Kain, Raziel, and Nosgoth I assure you. The only thing is that we have moved locations. If you want to send us mail you can send it directly to me or you can send it to the LOK Series team.
"Crystal Dynamics
"Attention: Chris Bruno OR Legacy of Kain Series Team
"1300 Seaport Blvd. Suite 100
"Redwood City, Ca
"I'd love to see bags and bags of letters arrive demanding more LOK games! :)"
―—Chris Bruno[13]

01-24-2008, 10:38 PM[edit source]

"Sorry to hear you sent us letters to the wrong address Paradoxical.
"Spread the word to others if they too might have the wrong address on their fan sites.
"Let your voices be heard!
―—Chris Bruno[14]

01-28-2008, 06:48 PM[edit source]

"We moved from Menlo Park to Redwood City last April. There is a possibility that some mail was forwarded for a month or 2, but probably not after that. Do we keep track of letters? Of course. But just having them come in lets us know that people are still interested in the franchise."
―—Chris Bruno[15]

01-31-2008, 06:41 PM[edit source]

"Hey everyone,
"Letters should either come to me or be addressed to 'LOK Series Team' to make sure they go to the right people. As far as leaking information about the possibility of a LOK game in the works, I can't say at this time. But go ahead and write in and make yourself heard if you wish. If/when we have a formal announcement, you will hear it first here.
"Take care."
―—Chris Bruno[16]

2009[edit source]

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: There Will Be a New LoK![edit source]

"Hello my fellow LoKers,
"I recently created a group on Facebook called “Eidos, We Want A New Legacy of Kain Game”. A person by the name of Victoria Vermillion told me to join her group called “A New Legacy of Kain Game Please Eidos! Campaign” and shortly after, sent an email blast to all the members of the group saying: 2D and 3D artists wanted and C++ programmers to work on the LoK game. I obviously thought it was another fan game and told her what game she was planning to make seeing that there are: 3 Blood Omen remakes, 1 post-Defiance game, Legacy of Kain: Prodigal Sons and one fan game planning to continue Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy.
"This is how Victoria replied: We are working on an official Legacy of Kain game with Eidos and Crystal Dynamics with Aaron Hausmann that ties up all the loose ends of all the previous games.
"Victoria: Damn right we're serious! That’s why we are so keen to get people to petition in the group- to stop it being canceled again.
"We already have Aaron Hausmann, one of the leading artists on the previous game helping us.
"Eidos like our script and want us to give them the official package including synopsis, game mechanics and 2D and 3D renders etc.
"It's why we need your help! Get as many people as you can to join the group and help us out so the game can be a reality.
"Eidos ARE interested in making the game!!
"Summing it all up, there MIGHT BE A NEW LEGACY OF KAIN GAME.
"Here is what you need to do:
"- Get in touch with Victoria Vermillion through Facebook if you want to help.
"- You can also sign the online petition (new one).
"- Tell other LoKers to read this post.
"Also, I created a website called It will serve as a place to give you links to ALL fan games (and movies too!) being made and give you info on those games. Please tell others about it so all LoKers can find out about these games and play them!
"UPDATE: It looks like the Chris Bruno who Victoria and Aaron were communicating with wasn't the actual Chris Bruno, but someone who was impersonating him. The real Chris has been notified of this and will communicate with Victoria to try to sort things out. I will keep you updated if anything important must be said."

08-20-2009, 06:58 PM[edit source]

"Sorry I am late to this thread. Thought I would check in and clarify a few things:
""I have been informed by Chris Bruno that I will "Hear something of Kain very soon"
"I don't believe I ever said this to anyone.
"That is not me posting on the facebook page mentioned.
"I am not aware of any upcoming LOK announcements. Although like Balance Reaver posted, the LOK intellectual property is very important to Crystal Dynamics/Eidos, as are all of our IPs. If there is communication with Eidos about a new LOK game or a script, I am not aware of it.
"The Legacy of Kain series is one of my very favorites, and I personally would love to see more games in the series.
"If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly."
―—Chris Bruno[17]

08-21-2009, 12:57 AM[edit source]

"Victoria did get in touch with me, mainly to clarify that she had been exchanging emails with an impostor. I'm not sure what we have to work out though..."
―—Chris Bruno[18]

08-21-2009, 02:13 AM[edit source]

"I am very confident in saying this impersonation was not done by anyone at Eidos. I am tracking down where the emails to go to find out who might have received anything sent to that email. Doubtful there is a bug in the Eidos website.
"Over the year I have got lots of story ideas, scripts, fan fictions, etc. and would be happy to read through the script and give my opinion about it.
"But I will be very honest with you and say even if a script is sent to me it is very unlikely that we would use it if we were to make a future Legacy of Kain game. Why you ask? Because if we do make another LOK game, chances are high that that team would have their own ideas on what and how they would like the game and script to be created.
"Also, I am not really at all in charge of getting games approved."
―—Chris Bruno[19]

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Daniel Cabuco's posts[edit source]

2002[edit source]

For Mr. Daniel Cabuco[edit source]

Doll Reaver[edit source]

The Lost Worlds has a new home![edit source]

Visitors at Crystal[edit source]

2003[edit source]

Thank you for the 'Dark Gift'[edit source]

LOK Voice Actor Discussion (includes various roles of voice actors)[edit source]

To Chris about the Defiance Trailer[edit source]

Happy 18th Birthday Roxy!!![edit source]

Happy (belated) Birthday Sarah![edit source]

underworld?[edit source]

Dumah's strange follower[edit source]

"Well, I was playing through Soul Reaver 2 again today recording some cut scenes and on the way to the 'Raziel nearly kill Kain, poor William' cutscene you go past the little round hall thing with some pictures of Raziels brothers, and the statue of Raziel. As I was walking around to find the exit (that place always confuses me for some reason) I noticed... well... the following image:
"I dunno if that's been spotted or mentioned before... and I am not really bright enough to have any theories and stuff... probably doesn't help that I have only played SR1 and 2 so far (looking for Blood Omen 1 ), just wondering what you all think of it, I don't really know what he is... and none of the other drawings have anything odd like that in them!
"Well... yer... just wondering what you all thought really :)
"There was also another picture in the time streaming chamber in the Sarafan stronghold, I swear it looked like Vorador killing someone who resembled Ariel!"
"Dumah's friend is actually supposed to be Raziel.
"He looks kind of weird becasue the artist was probably drunk when they painted him. The other picture is Vorador killing one of the unknown guardians-this happens in the BO intro."
"yeah whoever did that painting was definitely inebriated on sushi, saki, and Red bull. Speaking of which, time for more. not too many sarafan lived to see who offed the sarafan bretheren, so they had to go by a discription. And you know how that goes. heheheh"
—Daniel "KainPainter" Cabuco, 10-07-2003, 04:02 AM[1]

LOK: Defiance Ship Date info[edit source]

Just For Clarification[edit source]

mysterious figure[edit source]

Do you think a Gamecube version should be made??[edit source]

[SPOILERS] Favourite scenes?[edit source]

{SPOILERS} Story Gaps for next LOK game![edit source]

[SPOILERS] favorite combo[edit source]

2004[edit source]

Defiance nominated for awards at[edit source]

Akiman's Raziel illustration[edit source]

Equilibrium[edit source]

Kain's Scar[edit source]

idea on getting rid of the eg squid[edit source]

Anyone out there playing Lineage 2?[edit source]

Community Art Gallery / LOK 6 Concept Art Discussion Thread...[edit source]

2010[edit source]

Daniel Cabuco's artwork[edit source]

"[...] And does anyone have any theories about what this sketch may represent?
Gshock sketch2.jpg
"The date next to the signature implies that it was drawn in the year of SR2 release. [...]"
"It looks more to me to be referring to when Kain had Raziel's clan exterminated. I swear I've seen that picture before."
"I knew it looked familiar to me as well, so I ran a search through the files on my computer. Apparently it was submitted to as fan art under an alias in March, 2001! :D If I was ever aware that was Dan Cabuco, I certainly didn't remember. That was very cool of him. [...]"
"Interesting. The description says:
"Here's a painting I did of Kain holding Raziel's clan symbol. Presumably at the time of the Razielim genocide. Done entirely in Painter (total cyberart)"
"I know I'm nitpicking but actually it's not Raziel's clan symbol (it's missing the "square"), but a half of Raziel's symbol. I like the word "presumably" :).
"So I guess that now we just have to do some steganographic hacking of the picture :)."
"Erm, technically it is Raziel's Clan symbol. Only the Lieutenants themselves had the reflected double-symbol. :P That's the way they were meant to work, and how you know a boss' area from the general clan area."
—Daniel "DCabuco" Cabuco, 09-14-2010, 12:22 AM[2]
"Hello mister Cabuco. Please excuse my suspiciousness (from my experience I can say that this is actually a very useful trait :)) – I know that you already have an account on these forums (from 2002). May I ask why you are not using that one?
"I realise that the double symbols were meant for lieutenants (that's why I said “half of the symbol”). I was referring to the missing "square". From what I have seen in SR1, the “square” was always present on single (clan\area) symbols, but never on double (lieutenant) ones. That was my conclusion from the game, so a single symbol without the square seemed incomplete to me.
"And by the way, I envy your Talent."
"I tied that account to my Crystal D email. Since I don't work there anymore, and I forgot my pw some time ago, I just made a new one. Dunno how to prove to you that I'm me.. um.. post a drawing? lol
"As for the square, I just forgot to paint it. :P It was just a quickie anyway.
"And talent is simply matter of practice and hard work. I have this whole theory about observational awareness and physical ability guiding how someone gets better at art. (or anything)
"I'm glad to see all the renewed interest in LOK, and that people still dig it. :)"
—Daniel "DCabuco" Cabuco, 09-14-2010, 11:52 PM[3]

French Ending of Defiance[edit source]

"I was just watching LoK videos in different languages and I came across the French version of the ending of Defiance and it is simply amazing--especially the music. I'm not sure if the music was added on by whoever uploaded it to youtube. I don't know French, but the voice acting rivals that of the original English version. I didn't really like the voice actors in the other languages I came across."
"Hate to break it to you, but that's not the music from the French version. That's the soundtrack from Mission: Impossible 2. ( I listen to it a lot when I draw) I think the Poster added that soundtrack to it. Though it does fit nicely. :)"
—Daniel "DCabuco" Cabuco, 09-15-2010, 07:44 AM[4]

Relayed through majinkura[edit source]

2009 – Characters height[edit source]

2010 – Kain's Corruption/Purification and Appearance[edit source]

2010 – LoK: Dark Prophecy - More information unearthed (Malek & Devolved/Wolf Kain)[edit source]

2010 – Daniel Cabuco's artwork[edit source]

2010 – Kain and Raziel playable in Guardian of Light[edit source]

2011 – Kain's Lament: Fan Art[edit source]

2012 – I don't understand some people...[edit source]

2012 – Daniel Cabuco's new website.[edit source]

Attribution[edit source]

From 2012, George Kelion, the community manager of Square Enix London Studios, began to interact with the Legacy of Kain community at the Eidos Forums under the username Monkeythumbz, in the wake of the announcement of Nosgoth. Kelion's posts are archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki, with their original URLs and other context-dependent user posts included, for historical purposes and posterity's sake.

Please note that all quotations are transcribed verbatim without any independent spelling or grammar correction. All wikilinks, however, have been applied to the original text by the Legacy of Kain Wiki, to add extra context and help facilitate additional research on the reader's part.

Monkeythumbz posts[edit source]

2013[edit source]

New Nosgoth Game in Development: Confirmed[edit source]

"Square-Enix has confirmed to VG247 that Crystal Dynamics is not developing ‘Nosgoth’, but that the new project that is linked to the Legacy of Kain franchise.
"In a statement sent to VG247 this morning, a Square source confirmed that a studio is actively developing the title. The source told us, “Nosgoth exists and is in active development, but is not a traditional Legacy of Kain action-adventure game”, and added, “Nosgoth is set in the same universe as previous LoK games, but on a different branch to the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver series.”
"Our source explained that the reason for talking to us about the project was to clear the air following Nosgoth leaks that came from AMD and Steam. The game will not be announced at E3, but the source added that Square is very excited about the concept.
"They added, “We don’t want people to get the wrong idea about Nosgoth following the AMD and Steam leaks ahead of its future official announcement. Nosgoth is not being developed by Crystal Dynamics,” and added, “Crystal Dynamics are not working on a Legacy of Kain game”.
"In closing our source at the publisher said, “This isn’t something we’d normally do, but we wanted to just give folks a bit more context for the direction, rather than just batten down the hatches.”"
"I'm not sure what to make of this new multiplayer game. It could pull in a lot of new fans and build enough interest to get a new single player chapter in the story. On the other hand, it's a completely different team and a completely different type of game. I just hope they understand what the series is all about and don't contradict what has come before.
"EDIT: Just as a precaution, though. It might be worth trying to arrange a discussion with George (or someone on the actual dev team) just to see how much they know about the series so far."
"Making sure that we respect the series canon is something we take very seriously. I know you'll think I'd say that anyway, but we're devoted fans of the lore established in the previous games, so it's only natural we'd want to ensure Nosgoth both complements them and expands upon them.
"I'm all up for having a discussion... but all in good time. Right now, we're all heads-down and nose to the grindstone in the preparation phase, getting all the various materials in place etc, and we want to make sure that the game feels right before speaking about it more plainly and openly.
"As I told VG247, I'm sorry to be so cagey... we just felt it was important to tell you what Nosgoth *isn't* so as to properly manage your expectations. The time to tell you what Nosgoth *is* will be coming soon, but not just yet.
"Anyway, pleasure to make your collective acquaintance. Just for full disclosure, my fave game in the series was SR2 on PS2, although I did really enjoy BO2 as well (it had some really nice mechanics and looked great on the original Xbox)."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-10-2013, 12:15 PM[5]
"Oh, I was hoping you could drop by, thank you! So, did you like SR1 too? :) What is your part on the project Nosgoth? If you can say that, ofc. :D
"I think we are all just mainly afraid if the game will be good and hoping it will be the genre we like. It is a big thing to us since we have been waiting to hear anything about the world of Nosgoth for years and now we find out there is a game about our fav series.
"I was especially afraid that they will change too much if it would be a reboot, great to hear you are keeping the history as it is. I hope the game will be unveiled soon (hoping for very very soon :D)."
―—Raina Audron
"I loved SR1 (played it on the Dreamcast) - the story was just magnificent, although I feel that almost every gameplay mechanic was improved on in SR2 (and SR2 had more interesting environments too, IMHO).
"On Nosgoth, I'm the game's Community Manager - which as a long-time LoK fanboy is pretty much a dream gig! I look forward to discussing my exact involvement so far in greater detail once we're ready to do so.
"With regards to genre, all I can say right now is that you really shouldn't be thinking of Nosgoth as a game in terms of a single-player experience."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-10-2013, 03:57 PM[6]
"I didn't realise you were watching! I understand there wouldn't be much you could answer right now. I know a few fans have done in person interviews before, but I'm not sure I'd have the confidence to do that myself. Maybe when the project is further along and I'm less busy, I could convince someone to come with me or perhaps just send some questions over email.
"For now, I'd just want to ask whether anyone on the team has read Amy's notes from before she left crystal dynamics or any notes on The Dark Prophecy? Would you consider releasing any of that info along with the game?
"Will the information given outside of the games such as in FAQs be taken into account. In particular the ones here where it is explained how Raziel's present self is trapped in the blade, but his future self (the wraith blade) is released into Kain.
"Finally, do you have any idea what would need to happen for a HD collection or a port of the dreamcast version of SR1? Is it technical issues or is it just a case of someone giving it the green light?"
"The truth is I don't know about Amy's notes, although I know I personally haven't read them (even though the prospect has me salivating). Even if I did know, I'm not even sure what I'd be allowed to say, especially as Crystal Dynamics aren't involved with Nosgoth and I assume her notes would be their property. So yes, "i don't know" is the only answer I can give right now.
"Regarding extraneous information, the answer is "yes" and "no". "Yes" in the sense that we've done our very best to absorb all knowledge about LoK's narrative as revealed in the games and elsewhere, and "no" in the sense that it's not really relevant to Nosgoth. As I said in my statement, Nosgoth is very much on a seperate branch of the LoK mythos to Soul Reaver and Blood Omen (and, by extension, Defiance). It's definitely the same familiar universe, though.
"Regarding an HD collection, I'm afraid I have absolutely no information about that to share, I'm afraid. I would have thought that all the games being playable on Steam would have circumvented this issue, though?"
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-10-2013, 09:28 PM[7]
"Quite frankly, He, Square, Eidos.... anyone.... Did not HAVE to say anything
"They have done MORE than they have had to do by telling us ANYTHING, it shows they give a damn about our expectations and our fevor atleast.
"Secondly, George -definitely- did not have to come here to a public board to post ANYTHING in response to us... so being a little obtuse in your response is not all that necessary now, is it?
"Yes, its obvious we all know about its existence... but they were not planning on revealing anything yet and first impressions are damned important. When they have something ready that they are happy for us to see and criticize, they will reveal it to us. until then, take ANY official info you get as a blessing, because there are other people and companies that would just feign indifference even with the kind of leaks that "Nosgoth" has had."
―—Pillar of Balance
"That's okay, I understand that tensions are running high about this game. Heck, when they first told me about Nosgoth, as a big LoK fan I needed to be convinced just as much as you lot! I'm happy to say that having got my hands on it plus having seen what we're doing with it and the attention lavished on it, I'm now very much an enthusiast and I look forward to sharing that enthusiasm with you all (relatively) soon.
"Again, sorry to be so vague. And sorry if my presence here is only sporadic, as I said we're still very much in the preparation phase."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-10-2013, 09:28 PM[7]
"Thank you for your answers! Will Nosgoth have its own section here on LOK forums?
"I´d love to see DC version of SR1 got ported over to pc too because the pc version of SR1 has messed up audio - skipping dialouge in cutscenes, sounds looping forever, no real-time full ost music... I can´t really enjoy otherwise awesome game like that, while the DC version has none of these problems.
"Can you maybe tell us how long the game has been in development? Do you mean preparation phase as for showing the game to us, or preparation in terms of conceptual phase for the game?"
―—Raina Audron
"Nosgoth will eventually get its own forums - I don't see the need to convert these (frankly fantastic) forums over to Nosgoth, especially as it's on a different branch to SR and BO.
"Regarding HD ports and remakes of SR or BO games... I'm really the wrong guy to ask, I'm afraid. I mean, I'm very far away from that kind of decision making and don't really have any insight to share about that. While I'm the CM for Nosgoth, that doesn't give me visibility on every aspect of the LoK franchise as a whole, nor am I party to all decisions made about its future.
"As for preparation, I mean that we're prepping to show you the game and get it into a fit state for hands-on trials."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-11-2013, 02:23 PM[8]
"I'm just nervous as hell, that's all. LOK is my favorite game series after all and the possibility of a new game that might make the series take the final leap into obscurity isn't all that bright for me. Of course, it may also revive the series, but the less you hope for, the less disappointed you get."
―—Count D
"Believe me, I know how you feel and I'm both hoping *and* working towards you not being disappointed."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-11-2013, 02:23 PM[8]
"[...] I agree with Count D. Just because they seem to show the interest in "keeping the lore" (and will probably put something completely new in it) or similar that doesn't mean that I'll be happy about the upcoming game. [...]"
"I hear and understand your passion, really I do, and I do my best to reflect that and pass it onto the team - not just because it's my job, but also because I'm a fan. However, as one fan to another (and i REALLY don't mean to be antagonistic and I'm not saying we're doing this with Nosgoth, but...) "putting something completely new into the lore" has happened with each and every LoK game release. The Hylden themselves or even the Elder God and the spectral realm are just a few examples I can think of. All I'm saying is that if it's handled well, adding something new to the lore is not always a bad idea. NOT that I'm saying we're doing that with Nosgoth, nor am I saying that an unproven title like Nosgoth ought to be afforded the same candour as those legendary games... I just felt that it needed to be said, as a fan of LoK."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-11-2013, 02:23 PM[8]
"[...] Anyway, I have a question for the community manager.
"Why is it multiplayer and not singleplayer?"
―—Count D
"Because of the concept - it's the game we and the devs wanted to make."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-11-2013, 02:23 PM[8]
"[...] There may not be a lot to reveal at this time. If Im building a car, I cant really show it off until some parts of it are finished. Im not going to tell you it has a V8 until I find out if I have the space under the hood, and the resources for it. [...]"
―—Strands of Night
"^This. This so much. And it's not just about the engine, you also want the rims and interior to look nice (and smell nice) too, for the brakes to function as expected, for the steering to have just the right feel. Everything has to come together."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-11-2013, 02:23 PM[8]
"Thank you for the answers. I have a few more questions (if you can´t answer, no problem :)):
"a) Will the game be in line with artistic direction of the previous games, or take on a new direction?
"b) Could you maybe elaborate what does Black Cloth refer to or is it a spoiler of some sort?
"c) Do you think this new game might attract even non-LOK fans to play it?
"d) Is it true that the game had at one point in time a sp mode as well?"
―—Raina Audron
"I'm sorry, but I really can't speak to any of that at present. Right now, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see.
"This is the trouble with releasing info early... lots of very pertinent and reasonable questions get raised, however we can't answer them without detracting from the big reveal. Please bear with us and we'll be able to give a full account of the game in due course."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-11-2013, 03:11 PM[9]
"May I ask what you mean by hands-on-trials? Is there going to be a demo of the game available? Is this just going to be for your testing team or can fans get involved? [...]"
"Yes ;)"
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-12-2013, 11:45 AM[10]
"[...] My questions however................if they can be answered, as I am sure they are on the minds of others....... is Nosgoth a mobile game or a potential next gen title?, Will there be Ancients, Vampires, Demons or Hylden? [...]"
"Nosgoth is not a mobile game. Also, we're mostly influenced by LoK:SR1... make of that what you will."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-12-2013, 11:45 AM[10]
"[...] make of th.... You sir are a shameless tease ^.^"
―—Pillar of Balance
"Guilty as charged. :P"
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-12-2013, 01:17 PM[11]
"I mean that the combat system, power-ups and unlockable areas... not sure about plane switching... One thing I'm hoping for is a big open world to explore and see some familiar areas in it :)"
"Nosgoth is not open-world."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-13-2013, 09:48 PM[12]

The 10 Cancelled Legacy of Kains[edit source]

"I’ve seen the post on NeoGAF about Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun and I thought you might want a bit more information. I can confirm that this was a project which had been in development - but which was cancelled.
"I know it’s disappointing to hear about these things out of context, and whilst some of the details released are accurate - some details are not. You know game projects can be cancelled for a variety of different reasons and I know it’s very hard to tell from images and info alone, but in the end LoK: Dead Sun just wasn’t the right game, at the right time… but you’ll have to take me at my word on that, I’m afraid.
"Obviously, it’s not usual for assets from cancelled games to be released, but given that there’s a lot out there already I thought you might appreciate seeing a few more images that were taken from the previously in-progress game.
"As you’ll be aware, we’re currently working on a multiplayer game firmly set within the Legacy of Kain universe called Nosgoth, which we’re very proud of. It’s grown in size and scope since its initial conception and we’ll be talking more about it in the future. While we’re not working on a single-player Legacy of Kain game right now, that doesn’t mean it’s not something we’d look at making in the future."
—George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, 06-10-2013, 09:28 PM[7]

Attribution[edit source]

With thanks to George Kelion and all other aforementioned Eidos Forums contributors.

See also[edit source]

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This official FAQ was conducted between Eidos Forums member Warpsavant and Legacy of Kain series director Amy Hennig circa 2002, after the release of Soul Reaver 2. After the Eidos Forums were revamped to a new iteration, the original post was lost, but the FAQ was reproduced by Ben "blincoln" Lincoln at the new Forums in 2002. It is archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki for historical purposes and posterity's sake.

Please note that all wikilinks have been applied to the original text by the Legacy of Kain Wiki, to add extra context and help facilitate additional research on the reader's part.

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Warp's answers from Amy[edit source]

"I got these answers from Amy and she said some other cool stuff, and she said I could share the answers with everyone at the forum, so I can post it here so you can all see. I included the intro too, as I thought it was really good."
"Another side note -- I do read all the LoK message boards and forums as regularly as possible, so people should understand that we do see and consider all of their feedback, even if we don't participate openly on the boards. They should know that the forums are a "direct line" to us, and we consider everyone's questions, concerns, frustrations, etc. as we develop the SR games.
"I see on some boards (particularly the GameFAQs board) some longtime fans noting perceived inconsistencies in the LoK fiction, and questioning our research and familiarity with BO:LoK's story.
"I don't know if you've encountered this, but I'd want to assure those people that I do in fact know the LoK history/mythology inside and out, having worked on it since mid-'95. I also have a lot of unique information that none of the fans are privy to -- including a year of collaboration with SK on BO:LoK, and all the original BO:LoK design documents that were created over that game's 3.5-year development (including a lot of cut or altered material).
"So many things were left vague and open to interpretation in BO:LoK, that generally these "inconsistencies" are simply a matter of my interpretation of the material not matching a fan's interpretation. And of course there are those elements which are inconsistent or illogical within the BO:LoK story itself (or between the various LoK sources, including the FAQ and the strategy guide), which I've done my best to re-frame or clarify within the sequels.
"And a final note -- we do in fact make mistakes sometimes. Or more often there are times when an artist might misinterpret or misrepresent something, and we have no time to go back and fix it, because it's considered a minor ("C") bug and there are more important things to address before the game is released. With all our care and desire for depth and consistency, in the end this is a business and we're constantly under pressure from the publisher. As a result, certain things that we -- as artists -- think are important still get left on the cutting room floor, or go unfixed, because there's simply no time.
"Okay, after that long-winded introduction, on to the questions --"
―—Amy Hennig

"Bo/Sr2"[edit source]

"Q: What was Voradoor [sic] before Janos made him a vampire?"
"A: Vorador was a human being. In the eras depicted in BO:LoK, Vorador was already an ancient, highly-evolved vampire (which is why his appearance is so "inhuman"). So the human Vorador was born in a much earlier, more "primitive" period within Nosgoth's history."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: How did Janos make Voradoor [sic]-like Kain made Raziel and his sons, or like Mortanius made Kain? Was the way Kain made and the way Kain created his brethren the same? How'd Voradoor [sic] make his children?"
"A: Without going into too much detail, there are various ways a vampire can be born/created.
"The ancient/original Vampires (like Janos) had one method, by which Vorador was raised, and by which Vorador would also raise his vampire offspring. This would be a more "traditional" method, where the vampiric curse is passed from one vampire to a human.
"Mortanius raised Kain by necromancy -- this gives Kain a unique vampiric heritage.
"Because of this unique heritage, Kain's method of creating his vampire "sons" is also unique -- rather than using the traditional "Blood" gift to create a vampire, Kain must donate a portion of his spirit. By breathing a portion of his soul into a corpse, that creature's soul is drawn back into the body and the creature is resurrected as a vampire. This is how Kain raised his six lieutenants in the Tomb of Sarafan."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: The blue ancients, reproduce like humans, until they get the Blood Curse, then they are infertile for whatever reason, thus they die out. This is why they are extinct right?
"Except for Janos and maybe Raz"
"A: That's partially right. Before the blood curse, the ancient vampires could reproduce; following the curse, they became immortal but could no longer reproduce offspring. They could only pass on their vampiric gift/curse to human "offspring" (as Janos did to Vorador).
"But this isn't necessarily why they were extinct."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Why was the Circle defenseless? Their magic fails in the cut scene, Moebius even says they are defensless [sic] in Sr2. Is it becasue [sic] Malek was not there, or their magic failed? What were they doing in there? And where was Mortanius all this time? Off getting possessed??"
"A: This has not yet been revealed.
"At the time (as represented in BO:LoK's FMA), certain members of the Circle were watching and guiding the movements of the Sarafan via the "viewing basin" in the chamber.
"Mortanius' whereabouts have not been revealed."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Did Voradoor [sic] follow raziel [sic] to the Stronghold, or the Sarafan, or is just a giant coincedence [sic] that V shows up, when the Circles [sic] magic fails, and Moebius and Raziel are distractng [sic] Malek?"
"A: This is intentionally unexplained. It's not exactly a giant coincidence, when you consider the event which precipitated both Raziel's and Vorador's infiltration of the Stronghold..."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: What exactly is the meaning of the Lost City? I know its just a place for secrets, but who made it? The fact that this city appears to be UNDER the Lake of the Dead, and the Lake of the Dead is where the Abyss is, always made me think there was some connection. I know this oe [sic] may be a gameplay issue, but thats [sic] why I asked like who made the place? Like who lived there?"
"A: This has not been revealed. There is a connection, though."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Q: Did Kain ever get a token (binding item) When he finally made his way to the pillars they were corrupt and incapable of giving him a binding item I would think [sic]. But this was interesting question I had to put it down [sic]. :)"
"A: This is an important question (and brings up the major "inconsistency" complaint of the fans on the GameFAQs board).
"The Balance Guardian is different from the other Guardians -- he/she is the hub, the still point around which all the other Pillars principles turn. As such, the Balance Guardian does not have a traditional binding item. The Balance Guardian's very soul is the thing which binds him/her to the Pillar."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: When did Malek gets [sic] fused? Right after the circle was killed, or shortly after? When Morty fuses him he says serve US for eternity. But its only him [sic] and Moebius left. Or are the other circle members allready choosen [sic] at this point?"
"A: Malek gets fused to his armor not long after the slaughter of the Circle (though it hasn't been explicitly mentioned yet exactly how much time passed). When Mortanius says "US" he means the Circle as an entity. Remember that following the murder of the six Guardians, six new Guardians would born already destined to take their place -- they may not have been discovered or adopted into the Circle yet, but their destinies would already be unfolding."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Same with Anacrothe, he says serve us Morti or die. Morti then kills him.
"When Anacrothe said this, he had just called Kain a monster, and everyone else in the Circle is dead. So who is the US Anacrothe means?"
"A: Actually, Anarcrothe says "Stand with us, Mortanius, or die" (which is a little different than "serve us")
"When he says "us," Anarcrothe also means the Circle as an entity -- but there's a deeper meaning, too, which hasn't been revealed."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: THEN LOL the Dark Entity emerges, and is like my silencing of Ariel...I was like that means murder, but in Sr2 Raz says the gaurdians [sic] invited the dark Forces themselves, and Ariel knew! She was like Kain handed them their victory. So did Ariel know something? Alot [sic] of people say they want more Ariel, too. I thought her scene was very important, but other people wanted more Ariel."
"A: Ariel knows more than she's ever let on. There's a lot more to the Circle's corruption than was revealed in BO:LoK.
"Ariel is a significant character, and plays a pivotal role in Nosgoth's destiny (which is why she was included in SR2, even though she only got one scene)."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: And now, is Hash the demon at the end!? It says no where that he is or isnt [sic].
"In fact, only time Hash is mentioned is under Avernus. But nothing directly states that demon is in fact Hashakgik [sic], its only the [sic] Dark Entity. Thats [sic] why he is the Unspoken, everyone fears his wrath if they say his name."
"A: hehe, I just wrote Chris a response to this question, so he could post it on the forum.
"Here's what I told him: The entity who confronts and speaks to Kain at the end of BO:LoK is indeed the being alternately known as "the Unspoken," the "Dark Entity" and "Hash'ak'gik". But does the deformation of Mortanius' flesh that it uses to manifest represent its true form ? ... that question is still open to speculation...
"I also included the following info:
"To clarify, the being referred to as the "Dark Entity", the "Unspoken" and "Hash'ak'gik" are all the same entity. This was left very vague in BO:LoK, but clarified in SK's FAQ and in the dialogue scripts themselves.
"Just so you know -- the being is never called "the Dark Entity" in the game; this is just what the being is called in the stage directions of the dialogue scripts, and this is what SK calls it in their FAQ.
"When Ariel tells Kain to "beware the Unspoken", she's talking about the Dark Entity. (The "Unspoken" name is also referenced in SK's FAQ).
"The name "Hash'ak'gik" is only used once in the game -- when Kain finds the secret, bloody altar in the depths of the catacombs beneath Avernus Cathedral. There's passage of "scripture" found here [sic], which reads:
"And Hashakgik spoke unto the world, and all who heard trembled. Bring me your first born, and shed their blood upon the altar of the world, so I might take nourishment from them. Do this without question, or suffer my wrath for eternity. And its will was done.
"Thus the game sort of left it open to interpretation whether the Dark Entity Kain confronts at the end of BO:LoK was this Hash'ak'gik character...
"but it was clarified in SK's FAQ, where they did state that the Dark Entity possessing Mortanius is, in fact, Hash'ak'gik."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Is Moebius staff [sic] the same? This is now another reason Voradoor [sic] was helpless at his execution. as Moebius had the staff. And the new and improved vampire hunters as well as noted on SK FAq's. (not the staff just the hunters [sic], thats [sic] why we want to know if the staff is the same)"
"A: I'm not sure what you mean by this question... the same as what?
"The staff you see Moebius carrying is always the same staff (there's not more than one). When the Sarafan ambush Janos in the Retreat, they are carrying Moebius' staff. And yes, this helps explain why Vorador was helpless during his capture and execution."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Can Moebius shift thru [sic] time at will? Or does he use device [sic]? And Kain? How does he move around thru [sic] time? Is Turel manning the Chronoplast or something?
"Can the time devices/chambers be used only once? The chronoplast?"
"A: None of this has been revealed yet."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: What happend [sic] to Elzevir and Ottmar and the Princess? LOL Did they get lost in the time shuffle? Keep in mind not all these are my questions I picked some [sic] ones I thought otther [sic] people had were good too. LOL Elzevir trpas [sic] souls in effigys [sic] he is scary [sic]. LOL"
"A: hehe -- they're not lost in the time shuffle, they just don't have much to do with Raziel's and Kain's journeys in SR."
―—Amy Hennig
"Okay! Thats [sic] all from Sr2BO1, there were some others but I was like she cant [sic] answer what is the binding thats [sic] not good to ask, so questions like what are the Binding will be on the list I post at the forum as we cant [sic] know about that yet!"
"A: Yeah, I won't explicitly answer what "the Binding" is, but I think you can figure it out from SR2's dialogue..."
―—Amy Hennig

"Here is Sr1"[edit source]

"Q: Is that Turels [sic] concept picture on page 27 of the PSX manual? I know this is gameplay but I had to ask, Ive [sic] been wondering who that guy is. LOL"
"A: Yes, that was the original concept sketch for Turel. But that doesn't mean much anymore; it was drawn so long ago, that it's not really relevant anymore."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: People want Turel, they think becasue [sic] SR2 says "eluded" or escaped my vengeance, i [sic] forget, that Raz actually met him. I was like no, he wasnt [sic] there. But alot [sic] of people want a Vampire Turel and more Malek."
"A: No, Raziel never met Turel -- he means that Turel eluded him by his absence.
"I know people are anxious to (finally) meet Turel, and hope he's in SR3.
"Let's put it this way... we absolutely have not forgotten about Turel; he's a critical piece of the puzzle."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Did raziel [sic] just fall into the Elders Lair [sic]? And like adapt somehow to his surroundings?"
"A: Do you mean was Raziel correct in his accusations in his final confrontation with the Elder God?
"When people hear the dialogue, it's important to remember that just because a character says something, it isn't necessarily correct. What you're hearing is that character's opinion and subjective interpretation.
"So if you mean: "did Raziel just drop into the EG's lap by coincidence, or did the EG have something to do with his resurrection?" Let's just say Raziel doesn't know everything yet, and neither do we."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Why is the Underworld not in the Spectral Realm? Does it not exist? Is it another plane/dimension? Is it just the "deep spectral" realm and doesnt [sic] come in contact with the material plane? I dont [sic] know what this one falls under."
"A: The Underworld is in the spectral realm... I'm not sure what this question means."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Kain says he destoryed [sic] what he created. Did he destory [sic] Raziels [sic] clan, or did they die out like the ancients, being they are similiar [sic]?"
"A: This is currently unrevealed."
―—Amy Hennig
"Q: Why did he break the wings??"
"A: Also unrevealed at this point. Your answers below are all partially correct. Like many things in LoK, there isn't one simple answer.
"On the basic level -- yes, he broke his wings so he couldn't escape being thrown into the Abyss. But there's more to it than that."
―—Amy Hennig
"Okay thats [sic] it!"

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With thanks to Warpsavant, Amy Hennig, and Ben Lincoln.

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Thanks to Christopher "Chris@Crystal" Bruno, Daniel "DCabuco"/"KainPainter" Cabuco, Mike "Cynyc" Peaslee, George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, all other users, and Square Enix.

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