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... OPM: Finally, what game of all that you have worked on are you proudest of?

Amy: Despite its flaws, I think the one I have the fondest feelings for is the first SOul Reaver. Only because we were able to do so much of what we tried. And so much of it was so stupidly ballsy, you Know? There were just about five of us on the team and we were like, "Oh yeah, we're going to write a streaming engine." And , "Oh yeah, we're going to have two worlds and shift between them in real time on the screen". And everbody's looking at us like we were just crazy. It's that kind of ambitious challenge that I think is so invigorating for a developer. Now, there's a lot of things that I wish had gone differently;obviously, I didn't want to cut off the end of my game, but you know, these choices aren't usually made by the design team. And so I have regrets that still kind of sting a little bit. But on the whole, I have a nice nostalgic feeling when I think about that game. And it seems to have meant alot to a lot of people, in ways that I don't completely understand, so that makes it special. ...

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