"UPDATE: Available for hire again! Looking for games to attach world class sound to.
"As senior sound designer/director, with more than 18 years experience, I've worked on many titles, including Urban Chaos, Blade 2, The Simpsons, Alien vs Predator and BAFTA nominated games Startopia and Just Cause, across all past and present platforms.
"I have experienced all the ups and downs of game development and sound within that process.
"Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun (3rd Person Action AAA) Xbox 360 PS3 – Square Enix
"Start The Party (Family/Casual Game. Move Controller Début) PS3 – Sony
"DJ Hero (Interactive Music Prototypes) X Box 360, PS3, Wii – Activision
"Sorcerers Apprentice (3D Action RPG) Dsi – Disney
"Alien vs Predator (3rd Person Sci Fi Horror Shooter) X Box 360 PS3 – Sega
"Rogue Warrior (3rd Person Shooter) PS3, X Box 360 – Bethesda.
"PDC Darts (Sports) Wii – Oxygen
"Call of Duty, World At War. (Action Shooter) PS2 – Activision
"Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron (Action shooter) PS2, PSP - Lucas Arts
"The Simpson’s (Action Adventure) PS2/Wii/PSP –EA
"Alien Verses Predator Requiem (Action Shooter) PSP- Vivendi
"Meet The Robinsons (Platform) GBA/ DS – Disney/BVG
"Just Cause (3rd PS, Action Adventure) – PS2/X Box360/PC – Eidos- *BAFTA Nominated.
"The Final Option (3rd PS) – PS2/PC – Fluent
"Lilo And Stitch 2 (Platform)GBA – Disney
"BulletProof Monk (3rd PS) PS2/X-Box/GameCube - Empire
"The Punisher (3rd PS) PS2/X-Box - THQ
"Blade2 (3rd PS) PS2/X-Box - Activision
"Startopia (RTS, Micro Management) PC - Eidos – *BAFTA Nominated
"Urban Chaos (3rd PS) PSX/PC/Dreamcast - Eidos
"Last Ninja (RTS) PC/PSX
"Street Wars (Mob Boss USA) (RTS) PC - Infogrames
"Bloodlust (Beat ‘Em Up) PC/PSX/Arcade - Atari
"Hordes (RTS) PC - GT Interactive
"Constructor (RTS) PC/PSX - Acclaim
"Putty Squad (Platform) PC – Acclaim
―—Martin Oliver[1]


  1. Icon-Linkedin Martin Oliver at LinkedIn


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