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Baziel Baziel 2 May

Embracer Acquisition: Lok & SE western division changes hands. Developmental build videos

Lets get the big news out of the way first. This morning the SE era came to a close as Square Enix sold off most of its western division to Emrbacer Group - the media group that formally known as THQ Nordic that has been buying up devs, publishers and IP's of late. Notably known for reviving the Darksiders series.

Here's one article among many that have impacted the web this morning

Lok, Tomb Raider, Thief and Deus Ex have been treated as big names in the acquisition and have been frequently acknowledged throughout. For now SE's London offices, Life is Strange, Just Cause, Sleeping Dogs and Outriders will remain with SE - although there are hints that could change in future.

The relatively small reported price of the deal suggests that SE saw little value in the properties while it pushes into crypto and blockchain tech, while Embracer was happy to gain a few big names IP's for a steal. The future will tell if this is a good move for LoK but after over a decade of virtual dormancy under …

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Nachtholm as it appears in Blood Omen

Nachtholm was a settlement encountered by Kain in the Blood Omen era in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. The town was built on a series of islands in the middle of Nachtholm Cove that were connected by bridges. It was North of the Pillars of Nosgoth and South of Steinchencröe and was the first settlement Kain encountered after beginning his quest to eliminate Nupraptor and resolving to travel to Nupraptor's Retreat.
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A Daemon from Blood Omen 2 precursor 'Sirens'

Concept art of a 'Daemon' from Blood Omen 2 precursor project Sirens by Steve Ross. Sirens was one Blood Omen 2 lead Steve Ross's earlier projects and it bore many of the themes that would become his distinctive signatures in later works - with many of the ideas that formed the basis for the cancelled Sirens and Chakan games serving as inspiration for Steve's work on Blood Omen 2. In this case, the 'Daemon' race bore strong similarities to the Hylden, with this character in particular appearing to be the inspiration for the Seer.

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Soul Reaver Alpha - The Priestess Encounter (Reconstruction)