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Prima's Official Strategy Guide to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is the official game guide to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, published by the 'Prima Games' division of Random House publishing.


  • Introduction
  • Vampire Scourge (opening FMV summary)
  • Who's Who and What's What
    • Realms, basic gameplay and combat
    • Enemies list
    • Bosses list
    • Warp Gates list
    • Weapons list
    • Special Abilities
    • Glyph abilities
    • Vampire Weaknesses
    • Power-Ups
  • Full Walkthrough (with highlighted tips)


The advert for the early guide

  • The Soul Reaver Prima Guide walkthrough 'ignores' the optional nature of much of the extras in Soul Reaver and presents the game as having one set pathway through. Like the later Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance Prima Guides, the guide would include many location details but lacked the extensive unique concept art seen in later guides.
  • Like the later Blood Omen 2 Prima Guide, the Soul Reaver Guide features fragments of an earlier build that was not completely matched up with the retail version of the game before the guides release, consequently the guide has some elements of theoriginal Soul Reaver storyline, including some earlier designs for Reaver enhancements. The lack of pictures in the Human Citadel section is also thought to be due to the change from the Original Soul Reaver Storyline.
  • The guide was written by Mel Odom; Mario De Govia and Daimyo Donato Tica are credited as "Project Editor" and "Technical Accuracy" respectively.
  • Pre-release magazine promotions feature an advert for a previous version of the official guide which reveal some striking differences: The guide was originally intended to be published by Millennium Publications rather than Prima Games and was supposed to be released in January 1999 - with the delays to the release of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver the release of the guide was pushed back by several months along with the rest of the title. Promotions for the early guide notably feature several cut or discarded elements with a render of Raziel on lava on the front cover and promotional images with an early Raziel render, the Sunlight Forge, an early Melchahim design and the Water Forge.