The Leader, or the executioner, was a vampire hunter loyal to Moebius the Time Streamer, and the executioner of the ancient vampire Vorador. He appeared in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.


"We are free of this unholy scourge!"
―The Leader[src]

Vorador's executionEdit


The Leader holds Vorador's head high.

After murdering William the Just in Nosgoth's past, Kain returned to the present only to find that "with their sainted King William dead by [his] hand, the people of the land were consumed by a hunger all their own - for vampire Blood."[BO1-C10][BO1-C11]

Backtracking through the Stronghold of William the Just and Stahlberg, Kain reached a keep where a crowd had gathered to witness the death of the last of vampire kind: Vorador, in a guillotine. Moebius, his champion, and the Leader stood upon a raised scaffold, so all eyes could witness this momentous event.[BO1-C11]

The crowd cheered as Vorador's head was lopped off, and held high by the executioner. The Leader proclaimed that they were "free of this unholy scourge," but Moebius corrected him: "not yet, my friend. Would you be free of a plague if only one city was cleansed? Would you spare one wolf in the pack that has devastated your herd?" He pointed at Kain, and encouraged the crowd to "destroy him!"[BO1-C11]

The Leader's fate in the ensuing battle was ambiguous, but he was not among the enemies Kain fought before killing Moebius. Vorador's severed head was left on the scaffold.[BO1-C11]


SR2-Moebius Statue2

The statue of Moebius holding Vorador's head aloft.

A century later, Raziel saw memorials commemorating Vorador's execution in the Sanctuary of the Sarafan Stronghold. Moebius was "lionized and beatified as the martyred leader of his bloodthirsty crusade" in a statue with the inscription, "requiescat in pace." He was depicted holding aloft the severed head of Vorador in a tableau reminiscent of the Leader.[SR2-C6][BO1-C12]


The Leader's title is given in Blood Omen's Cinematic Dialogue Script by Ken McCulloch, Dan Chichester, and Jim Curry, released by Ben Lincoln of The Lost Worlds in 2012.[1]

The Leader's voice actor is uncredited.[BO1][2]



A torch wielding vampire hunter in the Leader's place.


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