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Jump, also known as Superjump, was a Dark Gift used by Kain in Blood Omen 2. Kain gained the ability in Chapter 2:The Smuggler's Den after absorbing the veins of Faustus. When selected, Jump allowed Kain to target an area (or enemy) to land upon, extending the usual range of his Jumping.


Jump allowed it's user to leap great distances, as long as there was a platform for the user to land on. When activated, an outline of Kain would appear, showing the proposed jump. The Outline would appear white when a jump could not be made, but changed to purple when a jump was possible,[1] or red if Kain could attack an enemy at the end of such a jump,[2][3] Such a 'jumping attack' would cause Kain to leap at a targeted individual, and strike them at a downward angle, propelling them backwards and, more often than not, nearly killing them. Kain's version of the gift has a fairly limited range (in respect to how Faustus uses it), and can only be used if a platform is nearly level with Kain[Blood Omen 2].

Kain first gained this Dark Gift inChapter 2:The Smuggler's Den after searching for the Smuggler's Tunnel, Kain ran into traitor vampire Faustus, after defeating Faustus in a boss battle, Kain was able to drink his blood, 'absorbing his veins' and gaining the Dark Gift Jump.[4] Throughout the rest of Blood Omen 2, Kain could freely use the Jump Dark Gift (as long as it was possible to land on the targeted platform) to jump large distances and attack enemies and its use was crucial in the boss battles against Marcus and the Sarafan Lord. In the early levels of Bonus mode, many small 'bonus' areas could be accessed using Jump[Blood Omen 2] .


  • Ordinarily, Jumping is used throughout the Legacy of Kain series, as a general videogame mechanic, but Blood Omen 2 is the first that employs a specific extended range 'superjump'. Jump is similar to many other abilities throughout the rest of the series, in Blood Omen, Kain's Wolf Form enables him to jump a short distance, though this is used more to climb vertically, rather than extend the range of a horizontal jump[Blood Omen]. Kain has a similar ability in Legacy of Kain: Defiance (and presumably in Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2) referred to as Superhuman Leap,[5] however, this ability could only be used as a context-sensitive action to cross necessary paths. Places where Superhuman Leap could be used were indicated with a red marker, which Kain could use by holding the 'ordinary' jump button. These jump would leap Kain to a pre-determined other marker; Kain had no control over where he jumped[Defiance]. It is likely that Kain somehow developed the Superhuman Leap from the Jump Dark Gift.
  • In early designs of Blood Omen 2, Jump is named 'Superjump' and has a different icon.[6] Jump was originally inteded to allow for Kain to "bound from rooftop to rooftop with ease". Because of player difficulty in reaching landing positions, the gift was modified to prevent Kain from jumping when he couldn't land safely and an 'arc cursor' (eventually swapped for the finished 'ghosts') added as well as "stylish animations". The addition and implementation of Jump attacks apparently occurred quite late in the development of the jump Dark Gift.[7] Using Bonus mode in Chapter 1:the Slums, the player can indeed jump across the rooftops of the level as originally intended.[Blood Omen 2]

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