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"It was time for Moebius to answer a few questions. I hoped, for his sake, to find him in a forthcoming mood."

Chapter 1: Infiltrate the Stronghold is the first "level", or chapter, of Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It follows Kain as he returns to the Sarafan Stronghold in Nosgoth's early history after the conclusion of Soul Reaver 2 and the Legacy of Kain: Defiance comic, seeking to interrogate Moebius and locate the missing Raziel.


Presumably following on from the events of the Legacy of Kain: Defiance Comic (but not the conclusion of Soul Reaver 2), Chapter 1, showed Kain's initial attempts to infiltrate the stronghold. Kain re-materialized from his Bat Form on the roof and proceeded to find his way through the Sarafan Stronghold.

The majority of the level served as a tutorial for Kain and his unique abilities; highlighting Basic Attacks and Combat Training, Blood Hunger, Wall Crawling, Health talismans,Telekinetic runes, Arcane tomes, Checkpoints and towards the end of the chapter he would also discover his first Superhuman Leap markers and telekinetic switches. Part-way through the chapter, Kain found several doors blocked by Blessed Barriers. After recovering the Balance Emblem Hub, hidden in the 'Sanctuary' area of the Stronghold, Kain was able to acquire theBalance Reaver enhancement and use it to dispel the barriers, ensuring he could descend into the cistern below the stronghold and confront Moebius in his chamber.



Players (in order of appearance)[]

Dark Chronicle: Prologue[]

Kain (V.O.): Given the choice – whether to rule a corrupt and failing empire or to challenge the Fates for another throw, a better throw, against one's destiny – what was a king to do?
[A stream of memories leading up to the present flows past:
The vampire, Raziel, Kain's right-hand lieutenant, spreads his newly grown wings... Kain tears the wings from Raziel's back, and orders his other lieutenants to throw him into the Lake of the Dead... Raziel burns until there is nothing left but a husk of tissue and bone, yet is revived... He hunts Kain down, but is unable to complete his revenge before Kain escapes through a portal leading to another time... In the past Raziel learns that things are much more complicated than they seem. The quest for vengeance gives way to a quest for knowledge and freedom – one that he shares with Kain.]
Kain (V.O.): But does one ever truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of Fate, and thus defy the tyrannous stars.
[The camera pans down from the sky, and we see that it is snowing. It is just before dawn – the moon is still visible, hanging low over the horizon. The battlements of the Sarafan fortress are silhouetted in the foreground. A flock of bats swarms in, framed by the full moon. They coalesce to form the dark shape of a heroically-proportioned man – this is KAIN, not yet fully visible as he's backlit by the moon. He drops down from the battlements, moving stealthily through a stone tunnel, still lit from behind.]
Kain (V.O.): And so I returned to the sanctuary of my enemy – the fortress of the Sarafan brotherhood, deemed impossible for any man to penetrate.
[Kain approaches a portcullis and pool of light. A lone Sarafan guard is standing on the other side of the gate. Kain dematerializes into a cloud of mist, phasing smoothly and silently through the gate, just behind the unsuspecting guard. As he emerges into the pool of light, we see his features for the first time. He effortlessly snaps the sentry's neck, and bites into his throat, holding the sagging body.]
Kain (V.O.): ...impossible for any man.
[Kain drains the victim, and lets the body fall to the ground as he wipes his mouth and looks offscreen toward his next goal. He continues to move along a narrow walkway.]
Kain (V.O.): Deep within these walls, my prey awaited: Moebius the Time Streamer, deceiver and eternal gamester, using living beings as his pawns.
[As Kain nears a corner, we hear the voices of Sarafan warriors returning from patrol, approaching along an adjacent bridge. Kain leans into the wall for cover, and turns his head to listen.]
Sarafan Guard 1: In the end, we rooted out an entire nest of the fiends.
Sarafan Guard 2: But we had swept that area already.
Sarafan Guard 1: Not well enough. But no matter – we purged every last one of that brood with fire. May their souls now rest.
[In the foreground, Kain sneers in disgust.]
Sarafan Guard 2: Lord Moebius will be pleased.
[In the distance, a heavy door opens and closes. Kain moves from the shadows.]
Kain (V.O.): It was time for Moebius to answer a few questions. I hoped, for his sake, to find him in a forthcoming mood.

Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[]

[Kain drops down from a window, into the Stronghold's dungeon beside a human prisoner. As he approaches, the prisoner sees him and begins to panic –]
Captive: Help me! Help me!
[Kain approaches the terrified prisoner and gently passes his hand before the human's face –]
Kain: Shhh...
Captive: Oh please, no...
[Kain leans toward the prisoner, anticipating the meal –]
Kain (V.O.): From time to time it is necessary to feed. And the unusual event of a feast prepared by the Sarafan must be savored.
[Kain shatters a crumbling wall with the Reaver and steps through the new passage.]
Archer: What was that?
[Kain pulls the man off of the bridge above him using telekinesis, and flings him upon a metal spike jutting out of the wall. He then walks out into the room, finding a canal running through its center.]
Kain (V.O.): The touch of water was like acid to a vampire. I had to find another way to pass.
[Kain approaches a magical barrier.]
Kain (V.O.): This passage undoubtedly led to the Time Streamer. My prey was nearly in my grasp. But the door had been sealed by a blessed barrier. As I approached, the Reaver resonated in response. Perhaps its dark sorcery could dispel these holy barriers.
[Kain takes a swipe at the barrier with his sword, only to be repelled.]
Kain (V.O.): As I suspected, the Reaver was not yet powerful enough to shatter these barriers. But there was something to this...
[As Kain enters the stronghold's chapel, a portcullis slams down. He pushes against it with his foot.]
Kain (V.O.): Locked. What a love of doors these pathetic humans have.
[He nears an artifact on a pedestal that is suspiciously unguarded. Heeding the signs of a trap, he dematerializes into his mist form, jumps back, and draws the Reaver. A Sarafan archer on a balcony above takes notice of him.]
Sarafan: Huh? Vampire!
[Kain defeats the Sarafan, and returns his attention to the artifact.]
Kain (V.O.): This emblem was unmistakably of Vampire origin, and designed to enhance the Reaver's power. But this coincidence seemed too convenient; Moebius clearly meant for me to find it.
[As he claims the emblem, he hears doors open and armored footsteps rapidly approaching. A number of Sarafan clamor into the chapel to surround him, shouting threats and orders.]
Sarafan 1: Sound the alarm!
Sarafan 2: Vampire!
Sarafan 3: Don't let him escape!
[Kain walks calmly into their midst as they close in to surround him. He regards them coolly, without even drawing his weapon yet.]
Sarafan 4: Surround him!
Sarafan 1: Surrender, fiend, and we will promise you an easy death.
Kain: I could promise you the same, but it would be a lie.
[After defeating the Sarafan, Kain approaches another magical barrier.]
Kain (V.O.): This barrier had a curious resonating effect on the Reaver.
[Approaching a door that is of a different design than the others in the Stronghold:]
Kain (V.O.): This door had been equipped with a singular lock, requiring an unusual key. Somehow I would find it.

Dark Chronicle: Moebius gains the upper hand[]

[Kain confronts Moebius in his hidden chamber. As he nears the chamber's entrance, we begin to hear Moebius's voice, indistinctly. Kain silently draws the Reaver, and moves toward the chamber.]
Moebius: Yes... I understand...
[Moebius stands before a shimmering, mysterious pool at the center of the room, holding an arcane staff in one hand.]
Moebius: ...it will be done... the stage is set...
[With a satisfied expression, he cuts his eyes in Kain's direction.]
Moebius: You needn't linger in the shadows, Kain.
(with hostility)
It has been a long time, hasn't it?
Kain: No banter, Moebius. You know why I'm here.
Moebius: Yes... Raziel. You sought to introduce your own pawn into this game, and now he's been swept from the board.
Kain: By your hand, I suspect. Where is he?
Moebius: Perhaps you should ask "when"?
(chuckles darkly)
How humiliating it must be for you to come begging at my doorstep for answers.
[Kain narrows his eyes and advances on Moebius angrily.]
Kain: Enough wordplay –
Moebius: Don't threaten me, Kain –
[Moebius calmly summons his scepter's power, and the globe flares with menacing light. Kain collapses in shock, clutching at his chest, as the Reaver slips from his fingers and he sinks to the floor, incapacitated.]
Kain: (gasping in agony)
Moebius: – you see, I have the upper hand.
[He regards Kain with amusement.]
Moebius: How remarkable that the great Kain should succumb to the scepter's power like any common vampire.
[Moebius crouches next to Kain to address him more directly.]
Moebius: Still so arrogant after all these years – thinking you've devised some brilliant plan. You know nothing. You have read the signs but missed their meaning. You believe you are that myth of Vampire prophecy – the Scion of Balance – and that Raziel holds the key to fulfilling your destiny.
[Kain glares furiously at Moebius, while fighting to overcome this paralysis.]
Moebius: But your messianic delusions have blinded you to Raziel's true nature. You have no idea what you've unleashed.
[Moebius straightens up and looks down at Kain. Kain reaches uselessly for the Reaver.]
Moebius: There was a time when you might have heeded wise counsel when it was offered. Now, your vanity has made you witless. You will have to learn the truth for yourself.
[He shoves the Reaver back toward Kain with his foot.]
Moebius: You'll be needing this.
[Moebius moves unhurriedly toward the exit while he speaks, and opens the door.]
Moebius: Your strength will return after I have departed. But by then, you will have more urgent concerns than pursuing me. Perhaps, when we next meet, you will have learned a little humility.
[Moebius deactivates the scepter and exits, closing the door behind him. Kain grasps the Reaver and rises unsteadily to his feet. As he stands, we see a number of Shades peel out of the shadows of the chamber and surround Kain.]
Kain (V.O.): These strange creatures seemed to manifest from the very shadows...

Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[]

[Kain defeats the shades.]
Kain (V.O.): Moebius's attempt at stopping me was not one of his better efforts. When I found him, it would be my turn to offer a few surprises.



  • Some aspects of this sequence relate to other chapters in the series:
    • "Archive footage" from the opening cinematics of both Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2 is used in the prologue sequence.
    • Chronologically, this chapter depicts Moebius's earliest known interaction with Kain. When Moebius muses that "it has been a long time" since he and Kain met, he is probably speaking in terms of Kain's personal timeline, not his own. From Kain's perspective, his and Moebius's most "recent" known meeting occurred in The Vampire Purges (chapter) of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (the Blood Omen era).
    • Moebius seems to make an oblique, and sarcastic, reference to the events of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain when he mentions that Kain "there was a time when [Kain] might have heeded wise counsel when it was offered". In Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain's Find the Oracle, Kain elicited Moebius's counsel to continue his journey. He followed all of the advice given to him, but the end result was the near-extinction of the vampire race.
  • In this chapter, Kain can find 3 Health talismans, 2Telekinetic runes and 2 Arcane tomes. He can also collect the first fragment of the Balance Emblem -the Balance Hub; which enables the Balance Reaver enhancement and the dispelling of the Blessed Barriers (which will not be seen in later levels). The main enemies Kain encounters are Sarafan Crusaders and Sarafan Archers (sometimes hidden behind 'Arrow Turrets'), Kain also battles a group ofLesser Shades at the end of the Chapter who summon the first Combat Barriers seen in Defiance.Kain also encounters several Chained Humans, particularly in the "Dungeon" area.
  • Kain has the main objective "Hunt Moebius down within the Stronghold" and the minor objectives "Enhance Reaver to destroy barriers", "Destroy the blessed barriers", "Seek out Moebius' chamber" and "Destroy Shades and pursue Moebius". Prima's Defiance Guide paraphrases the main objective as the Chapter title "Infiltrate the Stronghold" but beyond this it only mentions the first minor objective, paraphrased as "Acquire the hub of the Balance Emblem".
  • Dialogue implies that the beginning of Defiance follows on from the events of Defiance comic. Developer comments and structural changes in the Stronghold show that it is set some years after the conclusion of Soul Reaver 2.
  • Prima's Defiance Guide goes into great detail naming rooms and sections of the level, providing a detailed layout of the Sarafan Stronghold, these rooms are: "Street", "Dungeon", "Wall Cavity", "Main Battlements", "Cloister" (SR2's Courtyard), "Sanctuary Entrance", "Sanctuary" (SR2's Sarafan Cathedral including the Chapels dedicated to William and Janos), "Chapter House Entrance", "Chapter House" (SR2's Sarafan Memorial Chapel), "Small Battlements", "Training Area", "Small Drawbridge", "Staircase", "Cistern" and "Moebius' Chamber".
  • This chapter extensively features Sarafan designs throughout the level, some in the very masonry itself. The mysterious Lovecraft's Diary script is also featured heavily throughout the stronghold, perhaps more so than in any other location in the game. At the end of the chapter, Moebius is shown conversing with the unseen Elder God using a large rock carved with an hourglass.


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