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Immolate was a Dark Gift used by Kain in Blood Omen 2 . Kain gained the Dark Gift in Chapter 8:The Eternal Prison after Kain absorbed the veins of the 'traitor' vampire Magnus.


Immolate is a technique of Pyrokinesis, it allowed its user to trap enemies in a ring of red energy spikes, lifting the target and setting them aflame, generally killing most enemies.[1][2] As the most advanced of Kain's Combat Dark Gifts, it required Kain's Rage Bar to be completely filled by consistently blocking enemy attacks. When the gift was ready Kain would glow red and the gift could be instantly activated (even if the opponent was in the midst of an attack)[3]

Kain gained this Dark Gift in Bad Blood when he met the deranged vampire Magnus in the Eternal Prison. Magnus followed Kain through the Eternal Prison before confronting him in a boss battle. During the battle, Magnus attempted to use Immolate upon Kain (an instant death), but Kain was able to avoid the attack by taking cover behind several Prison Guardian statues (which were subsequently destroyed with each attack)[4][Blood Omen 2]; eventually Kain toppled a large statue of Moebius onto Magnus restoring his memory and Kain granted Magnus the 'release' of death, absorbing the veins of his former Champion.[5] From Chapter 9: The Device Kain could use the gift himself and it was particularly useful against the advanced Hylden enemies[6][Blood Omen 2].


  • As with other Dark Gifts that Kain has absorbed, Kain cannot use the Dark Gift in the same manner as its original owner Magnus; Magnus' Immolate would completely obliterate stone statues,[4] and Kain as well if he was caught in the blast, Kain could only use it to destroy enemies and only when his rage meter was full[Blood Omen 2].
  • Though most enemies were killed outright by a single use of Immolate, the Sarafan Lord and Greater demons were shown to be resilient enough to survive (the Sarafan Lord took damage; but the Greater Demons were totally impervious to even multiple Immolate attacks). Bonus mode could be used to show that the 'traitor vampires' were also vulnerable to the gift as it prematurely ended boss fights, cutting to the end cinematic[Blood Omen 2].
  • In the early designs of Blood Omen 2, Immolate was called 'Rupture' and instead of burning the intended target, it made the enemies explode in a "bloody manner", leaving Kain unable to feed on their Blood or Lore. It is likely this gift was changed because the loss of lore meant that Kain would have been unable to 'level up' his health bar properly. The Rupture description better fits the manner the gift is used by Magnus.[7] Debug messages in Magnus' boss battle still refer to Immolate as "Rupture"[Blood Omen 2].

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