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Hylden warriors, also known simply as Warriors, were a Hylden enemy class encountered in Blood Omen 2. They were first seen in Chapter 9:the Device and were again encountered in Chapter 11:The Hylden City.


Hylden Warriors[1][2][3] were combat specialised Hylden troops featured in Blood Omen 2. Kain encountered the Warriors when he descended into the Device in Into the Depths and again in the Hylden City in The Living End (chapter). Presumably among the elite of the hylden armies, the warriors were some of the deadliest enemies Kain fought during his quest to destroy the Device and the Hylden Gate. Despite their emaciated appearance, they could take a beating, requiring several strikes to put down. They were also extrodinarily swift and agile, and had several special attacks; rivalling or even surpassing the Lesser demons, (which they often worked with) in terms of deadliness[Blood Omen 2].

The most notable physical features were a pair of bone like protrusions on their arms that were nearly as long as they were tall. These 'bladed arms' functioned as effective weapons and could be employed offensively or defensively. Warriors often used their 'bladed arms' as a weapon, enabling a swift and devastating Unblockable attack, where enemies were targeted and quickly impaled with both blades, causing large damage and giving little advance warning of the attack[Blood Omen 2].


  • Like the Hylden scientists, the Hylden Warriors are unnamed in game. They are however referred to as "Hylden Warriors" [1][2] in scripts and in the Prima Guide.[3] Debug information labels them "hylwar"[Blood Omen 2].
  • Artwork by Steve Ross for Blood Omen 2 depicts the Hylden Warriors as one of five Hylden Castes planned for Blood Omen 2; Hylden Scientists can be seen in the illustration, but the other castes are unidentified.[4]
  • Both the Hylden scientists and Warriors can be seen in 'suspended animation' in special pods in Chapter 9: The Device; though the exact purpose of these is unclear[Blood Omen 2]. The unusual nature of the Warrior's bladed arms (similar to those of the Shield Guardian) has led to speculation that they or their weapons may be artificially created or genetically engineered.
  • Though not seen in the Demon Realm, the Hylden Warriors are perhaps the most likely Hylden variant seen thus far to have made up the Hylden Army that the Sarafan Lord threatens Nosgoth with in the final chapters of Blood Omen 2.[5]


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